2023 presidency, Umahi and peeping into Nigeria states


Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State.

By Alieze Ude

Just take a peep into our neighboring States and tell me what your eyes have seen, in Nigeria leadership climes today, David Nweze Umahi tops while others follow as history would analyze this better comparing Ebonyi to other states of the federation.

He is the talk of the country, ask any body from our sister states and listen, he would wish  *Engr. David Nweze Umahi* becomes his State Governor.

According to a veteran Nigerian Actor *Zack Orji,* he classifies Umahi the best Governor Nigeria as a country has ever produced since 1999 till date.

In Kogi State today, *Yahaya Bello* is celebrated even when you and I know the truth about his shortcomings in Kogi State government, quote me anywhere, this man lacks governance equation when we talk about *Governor Umahi* and his uncountable strides in Ebonyi State today, yet Kogi people roll out red carpet & celebrate Gov. Bello in their high numbers despite his flaws in leadership, this is also applicable to *Okezie Ikpeazu* of Abia and other states etc.

If anybody should talk of contesting for Nigerian president as this country stands now & going by what Ndi-Igbo need too, it should be *Gov. David Nweze Umahi,* jokes apart.

Let's shun politics of hatred, accrimony but embrace & appreciate our own Son, he has made us feel what practical democracy is all about, the evidence is seen & can be obviously felt everywhere.

*Governor Umahi* is the Spec of President Nigeria as a country needs at this moment.

He is a man who believes in matching words with actions, he has never said what he wouldn't do, his committement to service everywhere in Ebonyi rings the bell and amplifies the volume too & all of us are living Witnesses to these facts.

Let's also join other well meaning Nigerians to celebrate what we have & that is Governor *David Nweze Umahi* of our 21st century democracy, He will do better if he goes to the Presidency in 2023.

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