We need development not crisis, community tells Ebonyi govt


The people of Amagu community, Ishiagu in Ivo Local government Area of Ebonyi State has urged Governor David Nweze Umahi, to call his aides to order, to avoid abuse of court orders by instigating crisis in the area. 

According to them, the political appointees from the area have failed to attract development like other communities in the state instead they are busy breading crisis .

The community members made the appeal in an interview with our correspondent on Friday, while lamenting the abuse of executive order in forcefully appropriating the community land in spite of a standing court order against such.

The Amagu Development Union Chairman, Mr. Livinus Uka, said, the land belongs to the entire community and not to any individual.

"The land in question is just a general land of the community. Now because of our home are increasing, we decided to make the community land or home settlement.

"The people leaving in the land knows that the land is a community land and they do perform a kind of rate to show that they are not the original owners of the land so we went to court in January but on 17 November 2020, the court struck out the case for lack of merit to our favour.

"All of a sudden, this People again started destroying the beckons  the community planted their and ran to the government because of the political crisis in the state so that government will use their power to do what they supposed not to do.

"One of them has issued us with Appeal notice he assumed that the case is still in court.

"This is a misunderstanding in the community where some people think that they can do anything they like in the community. They are just trying to stop what the community is doing and I pray to God to help them realize that there is no gain in crisis and allien themselves in what the community is doing and stop accusing fingers on innocent person because they want to attract a public sympathy from anybody.

"The struggle is for the interest of the whole community and no individual has a hand in it . Anyone involving senator Anyim Pius Anyim is doing so to attract sympathy for himself  because Anyim is a big figure in the country. The land is a farm settlement but now the community want to share it that every family will have a portion and it took the community 20years, to get the actual figure of the community so that every family will be accommodated.

"I urged those in government to stop using government to intimidate them to gain what they supposed not to get", g
he said.

Also in an interview the Chairman Ovumute Land Committee Mr. Chinedu Makwe, says" there is no crisis in our community . We only have problem with some individuals in the community that claimed that the community land belongs to them and went to court and on the basis of that, court gave us (community) judgement in November 17 2020. After the judgement, this People did not go to appeal with the stipulated 2weeks and that is clear that they don't have any more claim to the land but because they are Ebonyi state government employees, they are trying to use the political situation in the state now and turn our community to a war zone but by the grace of God, it will not work.

"This group of people are the ones citing problem , creating tension where there are not . We are telling them we need development like other community like flyovers and other development. We don't want crisis they should attract development for us and crisis.

"We also urge the state government not to put crisis where there is non that is all we plead."

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