Incessant Bloody Communal Clashes in Ebonyi State: The Time to Stop is Now!

By Ikwo Indigenous Professionals in Diaspora

The attention of the Ikwo Indigenous Professionals in  Diaspora has been drawn to the recent massacre of Ikwo indigenes by some hoodlums said to have come from  Izhi clan in an unprovoked attack yesterday being 4th of February 2021. Also,  we are aware that such attacks are unprovoked though linked to the age-long land dispute between some communities in Ikwo and some Communities in Abakaliki local government areas both in Ebonyi State. 

A similar communal clash that resulted in the loss of many lives occurred recently between the other of our brothers Ezza/Effium people.  We extend our condolences to the families that lost loved ones or relatives in this callous attack and pray that the souls of those who died rest in perfect peace. We also pray for the quick recovery of those inquired.

We summoned an emergency meeting and resolved as follows: 
1) we are shocked to hear that some enemies of progress and development in Ebonyi State are still fanning the embers of crises that constantly result in loss of life and property in our developmentally endangered communities. 

2) That all the unprovoked attacks against any Ikwo person and indeed any Ebonyian in whatever disguise and by anybody irrespective of beliefs, association and ethnicity is condemnable, unwarranted, unacceptable, and must stop. 

3) That indigenous people of Ikwo Noyo and indigenous people of Izhi Nnodo share the same Igbo ancestry and as such should not shed blood whatever the circumstances might be. 
Similarly, all other clans/ethnic groups in Ebonyi State share the same ancestry, have found themselves in same geographical location and therefore should coexist amicably.

4) That as people who are related and share common values, we must always utilize the modern democratic approaches anchored on dialogue and negotiation to address our differences where necessary and bearing in mind that no parcel of land is worth the blood of any Ebonyian. 

5) That it is a barbaric act to resort to aggression/violence against one’s age long neighbours in this 21st century.

6) we must understand as people who are aspiring to be great and compete with other great communities in Nigeria in terms of infrastructural development, commerce ,science and technology, that violence promotes underdevelopment, and perpetuates extreme poverty. 

7) we must understand that lands are natural gifts of God to humanity and it is not designed to destroy the lives of the beneficiaries. It's ungodly to fight over God's free gift to humanity and use it to kill and maim fellow human beings. 

8) We commend Governor Umahi led administration for his efforts so far in tackling the Ezza/Effium communal clashes and other disputes in Ebonyi State. 

9) We strongly appeal to Governor Umahi to sincerely and promptly deploy an effective approach in order to resolve the Izzi/Ikwo communal clashes and forestall any further unprovoked attacks on innocent citizens of the areas. 

10) As the Chief Security of Ebonyi State, we urge His Excellency Governor Umahi to see to the arrest of the perpetrators of this dastardly act in Izzi/Ikwo and make them face the wrath of the law irrespective of how highly placed in their communities.

11) We are also appealing to all religious, political, and community leaders in Ikwo local government area to call for an emergency meeting and profer a solution to this lingering crises in order to avoid future loss of life and property. 

12) That, our heart goes to the various families which have lost their beloved ones in this recent unprovoked attacks. 

13) That the Youths of Ikwo Noyo who are strongly aggrieved by this premeditated attack on our people should exercise restraint and give peace a chance to reign. Ikwo people are known to be welcoming, cheerful, peaceful and loving and as such should please keep their cool and desist from retaliating against our neighboring communities. 

14) We are appealing to the leadership of Izzi communities as our brothers to please unite to fish out the perpetrators of this abhorrent act of killing of innocent civilians and let them face the full wrath of the law. 
We also urge our Izzi brothers to abide by the terms of the brokered peace agreement of few years ago. 
They should call their youths to order, and make concrete plans to forestall similar provocations reoccurring in the future. 

15) We strongly commend all stakeholders from Ikwo local government area for their leadership and stewardship so far which has promoted peaceful coexistence among Ikwo people and neighboring communities as well as helping to douse the heightened provocation among our youths. 

16) We strongly pledge our unalloyed support to our leaders, and the entire great people of Ikwo local government area for the development of our dear ancestral homeland. 

17) We are appealing to Governor Umahi to find ways to provide economic support for the grieving families who have lost their loved ones in this recent unprovoked attacks on our people. 

While we mourn, we must never let our people live in fear and trepidation. 

God bless Ikwo Noyo Clan!!
God bless Ebonyi State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!


Prof. Chinedu Ekuma (USA)

Barr. Nwanne Ogbonnaya(USA)

Associate Professor Kelechi Ekuma (UK)

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