Revealing signs and wonders at Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki through Fr. Agbo


 Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo, the Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese and the Founder of Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki.

By Victor Nwegede

HAMA - Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki, was founded by a Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese, Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo few years ago.

On daily basis, many signs and wonders are recorded in the ministry.

The sick are healed miraculously and those seeking fruit of womb are settled by God in the ministry. Those in bondage are set free without any charge. Many testimonies abound, life seeking partners got their soulmates, business people are celebrating breakthroughs, building houses, buying cars and increasing numbers of their shops and investments; touching lives in mega styles.

The vunerable persons including the orphans, widows, disable people and the helpless found things easier to meet up with their challenges through Fr. Agbo whom many of them described as Godsent to human society - the transformer of the Christendom and a preacher of truth without fear or favour.

NATIONAL PANEL reports several persons who have one problem or the other seeking the intervention of God through Fr. Agbo when the HAMA's adoration ground at Egwudinagu Ishieke in Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State came to tap from the revealing signs and wonders testified how God uses Fr. Agbo to deliver his children.

According to them, they got to know Fr. Agbo through his encounters who had testified healings and several breakthroughs in their lives at the adoration ground and in some other parishes the Priest had served in the past.

Justina Nwangbo from Alibaruhu Nkaleke Echara in Ebonyi LGA told our newsmen that she seeks fruit of womb in the ministry for having heard people suffering barrenness came to the place and after receiving prayers from Fr. Agbo, they were blessed with children.

She added that some barren women have been blessed by God with twins and triplets in the ministry, and expressed faith that the same God that answered the people who were passing similar challenge would bless her with child through the Priest.

Oketa Ogwugo from Umuigwe Nkaleke, whose son, Daniel suffers from swelling stomach, said a friend of him directed him to the adoration ground to meet Fr. Agbo because sick people are instantly healed in the ministry. He expressed joy that for just one week, his son began to regain his normal stature even though he had taken him to many hospitals including herbal homes but no improvement was recorded till he had an encounter with the Catholic Priest. He thus, expressed faith that his son would in no distant time get completely healed by God without spending any Kobo in the adoration ground.

Paulina Oketa also from Umuigwe Nkaleke in Ebonyi LGA, suffering unknown ailment said it was  because of testimonies of healings by God through the Priest in the adoration centre made her to come, believing that her case would be settled without delay like many other people.

Innocent Oroke from Ndiegu Okpuitumo in Abakaliki LGA, told our crew that his mother is suffering poison. He said testimony of healing power upon the Catholic Priest made his family to seek for his prayer in their compound. He noted that  Fr. Agbo used to heal people suffering all kinds of diseases when he was in his community, and expressed faith, he would  heal his mother.

Priscilla Onyibe from Nsurura Ishieke in Ebonyi LGA, who was suffering insanity rejoiced for her quick relief from the sickness immediately brought to the adoration ground by her people.

"I was not aware when my people brought me here. I thank God of Fr. Agbo. See me, freed from chains of madness. Many mad people have been healed here," she said.

Sunday Igwe from Ndiugbala Amachi in Abakaliki LGA, who is suffering epileptics, said his condition received positive response immediately he landed at the adoration centre, believing that he would completely regain his health without delay, since according to him, many people have testified healings of greater sickness than his own by Fr. Agbo in the ministry.

It was gathered that Fr. Agbo has beamed up a strategic movement and campaign against security threats in the area, devicing means to attract more democractic dividends to the people through prayers, building cordial relationship with the relevant authourities in the state.

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