Fr. Ben Agbo: The etheral Priest destroying satanic thralldoms in Ebonyi

Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo, the Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese, Ebonyi State Nigeria.

By Victor Nwegede 

The etheral Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese and the Founder of the Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki (HAMA), Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo has put into futility the handiworks of the wicked ones by destroying all  the satanic thralldoms, thereby setting the children of God free from captivities of their enemies at Umuoghara Effium in Ohaukwu Council Area of Ebonyi State.

Fr. Agbo who held a-three-day crusade in the community was used immensely by God to deliver the people from the satanic bondage.

NATIONAL PANEL learnt that the three days crusade exposed into shame, the  Satan and its agents who have been engaging in witch-craft activities - using diabolic means to destroy the destines of the people.

It was gathered that several people's names were found in some of the destroyed shrines during the crusade, with pictures of those already booked for death, sickness and all sorts of negative petitions made against them by their enemies with different dates scheduled for their untimely death and burials.

Some of the destroyed shrines by the Priest were equally found skulls of dead human beings, coffins, locked padlocks, clothes, foot-wears,  rice, beneseeds, peppers and other belongings to the people who were kept in cage as means of frustrating them on this planet Earth.

It is not the first time the Priest went for community deliverance crusade in Effium in Ohaukwu Council Area of Ebonyi State. He had several attacks before he reached the scene of the recent crusade which started last Tuesday 5th January and was concluded on Thursday, the 7th January, 2021. 

It could be recalled that in his previous crusade in the community, a wizard whose shrine was destroyed by the Catholic Priest as directed by God, vowed to kill Fr. Agbo, and maintained if his declaration against the Priest could not come to pass within four days, the whole world should consider himself (the wizard) dead.

However, the wizard was later reported dead before four days of his evil proclamation against the firebrand Catholic Priest, Fr. Ben Agbo, with maggots coming out from his flesh and his pennis cut off  while still alive and even the odour of his body did not allow his people to give him a last respect, scared people from attending his burial.

NATIONAL PANEL reports that the non-material Priest is used on the daily basis by God to do various signs and wonders at the HAMA's adoration centre in Egwudinagu Ishieke in Ebonyi LGA of Ebonyi State and beyond, wining souls for the Almighty Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. 


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