Hasten relocation plan of Izzi High Sch, COSCO tasks Umahi


By Victor Nwegede

Members of the Old Boys Association of Izzi High School known as COSCO on Wednesday called Ebonyi State Government led by Governor David Nweze Umahi to swing into action by fulfilling the promise to relocate the school to its original site.

Izzi High School was initially located at  the present Ishieke Campus of Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki.

The secondary school was relocated to its to its present site following the strategic plan by the state government to have its own university.

Izzi High School has produced high esteemed personalities including governors, deputy governors, ministers, ambassadors, captains of industries, scholars of high repute, etc but the present condition of the institution raises a great concern, attracting its old boys association.
The association decried the poor infrastructural condition alongside the porous nature of the school, which in its view, contributed to the rising complains of insecurities by the students at its present site.

The association however, called the governor to intervene by facilitating the relocation plan of the institution, saying the negative resultants of the situation of the secondary school at this moment have continued to crippling the students' academic activities in the temporary camp.

COSCO inspected the temporary site of the school today, the exercise it described as a part of observing its national convention and therefore, expressed dissatisfaction at its delapidating nature of the institution's present site.

According to the National President of COSCO, Chief Basil Egbo, the Old Boys of Izzi High School have concluded plan to give the school a standard structure.

Egbo said: "The purpose of being here today is to have a direct view of how this current site looks like, because we are already pushing forward for the school to go back to its original site.

"There is no way I can be satisfied because this is not the kind of place I was brought up, the Izzi High school i was brought up in is not like this.

 "There's no way I can be happy seeing the school that made me what I am today to look like this. We are supposed to be growing better than what we are even seeing now."

The President asked the state government to hasten the relocation plan for the school so that even the old students will now be proud to make a step further to add value to the school.

Other members of the association in their speeches, equally expressed dissatisfaction with the poor state of the school and urged the state government to fulfill its promise by relocating the school to its original site without further delay.

"The structure where we are currently occupying can degrade academics. it can bring down enthusiasm for academic works. We know the standard we used to have during our time. Environment can be enhanced education attainment, what we we are seeing at the temporary site has nothing good for learning. We are calling on the state government to take us back to our original site," a speaker stated in anonymity.

Recal that the COSCO team was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Ebonyi State University,  Ishieke Campus, Prof. Sunday Agwu, in his office, who expressed optimism that the relocation plan would be feasible by April 2021.

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