Fr Agbo gives hope to inmates, donates cash gifts in Abakaliki


By Victor Nwegede

At the Nigerian Correctional Service, Ebonyi State Command, Rev. Fr.  Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo - the Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese, has given hope  to the inmates in the centre, assuring them of divine intervention of God, for their release in no distant time.

Fr. Agbo, who is the Founder of Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki (HAMA) had a very quite interaction with some inmates and correctional cfficers on Tuesday when he visited the centre.

The Catholic Priest who expressed surprise at sighting some inmates serving different jail terms for one crime or the other, has assured them of God's intervention to change their stories following his step into the centre.

The priest expressed shock over the terrible stories related to why some of inmates where incarcerated, and urged them to embrace God with a strong faith that they would be released in no distant time.

"My step into this place is for divine purpose, it is for your freedom. You might have engaged yourselves in a terrible sins that led to your staying here. 

"I am sure by now, you supposed to have made a promise to God. One is that, you are going to serve God and work for humanity when released from here. 

"I'm sure that in less than one month, you will be released from here. You are going to encounter a divine freedom, but never think of retaliation, even if you were innocent of the case that took you to this place.

"Precisely, you Barr. Simon Ogenyi, I heard many bad stories about you and I learnt that you were incarcerated before my ordination as a Priest of God. 

"But I must assure you that, it is a time for freedom from this prison but don't think of retaliating anything whether you were innocent of the allegations or not."

Fr. Agbo further counseled the inmates including Obageri Nweze serving a jail term of Child Trafficking since 2017 and Barr. Simon Ogenyi been put in the prison because of murder case since 2008 till date.

Others who identified their names as Nwenyim Chukwudi, Nwogba Remigus and Mbam Uchenna are serving the case of murder since 2017 till date, among many others.

The Catholic Priest advised the inmates and some correctional officers within the centre to be law abiding and love one another while in the Correctional Centre for their meeting at the place was a divine arrangement, to make amendment in their lives and to build a better society.

He gave an instance of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nelson Mandela and other prominent men and women who had served in such centres before God enthroned them into more exalted offices to serve humanity.

He said: "I know nobody is perfect. No one is the most beautiful or handsome.

"Even though you're a Correctional officer, being a female or male, please, try as much as you can to take care of the inmates very well.

"Some of the inmates can handle you well enough as husbands or wives. Some of them are going to leave this place to occupy exalted positions in the society. Your relationship with any of them now may beget you favour tommorow, depending how you care for one another.

"What I want to achieve in my life is for your release. I don't come here to pray for you but to tell you that Jesus Christ can release you out from this prison. 

"Many have come here and become better than the way they came, so, you are leaving soon and I believe you going to be better in the society. 

"The day, I went to Kirikiri Correctional Centre, it was like a play, till an inmate there, was released before the person testified the power of is real. God will release you from here soon."

Meanwhile, the Catholic Priest offered cash gifts and other items including wears to the inmates before leaving the centre, promised to device means to facilitate their release and urged them to hand over their conditions into God's hand while acquiring skills avail to them in the centre. 


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