Umahi is now officially with us - APC Publicity Secretary

By Agatha Eze

APC Publicity Secretary in Ebonyi State, Comrade Nwoba Chika Nwoba, said, Governor Umahi is now with APC officially.

Nwoba disclosed this in his statement made available to the public and described Umahi's defection to his party as a big catch in a superficial view of it.

He cautioned people against engaging in a mockery game with anyone related to the new development in the state.

 Nwoba  said: "This is not the best time to engage in mockery game with anyone as regards the current political events in Ebonyi State. Not the PDP nor the APC has lost out in the whole scenario playing out.

"It's now official that the Ebonyi State Governor is with the All Progressives Congress. This is a big catch in the superficial view of it. Political party is open for membership by qualified persons. The governor is more than qualified to join the APC. As a governor, his membership of any political party is a boost to such a party, moreover if he's a good person."

He further stated that this development would bring to the state a robust and agile political movements.

According to him, "the most important thing here which I would like people of like minds to celebrate is the fact that Ebonyi is going to have two robust and agile political movements. PDP has not lost out in Ebonyi and anybody thinking that they have lost out, is a big joker. How can a party that has three serving Senators with swag, five out of the six serving House of Representatives members and a good number of the House of Assembly members lose out? Haba! They only lost one person. That one person is the governor! Forget about the people that followed the governor in; they are PDP till tomorrow. They are only waiting for time. They are protecting their offices from where they get source of livelihood for now. 

"So, it's not yet completely Uhuru for us. We must do everything within our strength to lure these strong and well-connected Senators to our side. The five out of six House of Representatives members are all PDP and it is important we bring them in. Those who are not with us in the State House of Assembly are almost the strong ones. We should not mock anyone yet until we bring them into our fold.

"If in 2019 the APC in Ebonyi had three serving Senators, five House of Representatives members, 10 House of Assembly members, would the PDP have mocked us? In fact, they would have not rested until something was done. Let no one laugh out loud yet." 

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