Alarms in Ebonyi community as youths' death rate increases


By Maxwell Okechukwu

Following the increasing cases of untimely death of promising youths of Ngboejeogu, a community in Ohaukwu Local  Government Area of Ebonyi State, a cultural advocacy, activist and genuine lover of the affairs of the community, Amb Martins Nwede has called for a serious prayer to seek the face of God by asking for clemency to forestall the reoccurrence of the incessant demise of young ones within the area. 

Amb Nwede who was devastated by the continuous demise of Ngboejeogu youths over the recent time lamented that such ugly incident would cause undevelopment in Ngbo, stressing that a community whose youths are faced with death challenges at the unripe age will grapple to succeed in future since the youths are said to be the future leaders.

 He added that it seems like God is angry with the new generation of Ngboejeogu considering the stories in the Holy Bible and however, called for all to adjust his or her attitudes to avoid suffering the sins of the forefathers.

The cultural enthusiast who was traumatized on the unfortunate demise of Comrade Emeka Eze of Okpochiri Ukwagba Ngbo who died on Tuesday 4th October, 2020, and was laid to rest on last Wednesday maintained that seeking the face of God remained the best option for his community. 

He noted that Master Eze Ogobuchi Daniel of Odebor Unwuogudu Akpu Ngbo who was planning to launch his Book on 26th December, 2020 was also a youth cherished in the community but could not be seen any longer following his death. 

He described their death as unpleasant, heartbreaking and a deliberate attempt to halt the next generation of Ngboejeogu whose future are bright with many promises to fulfill.  

He expressed sadness on the devastating demise of youths of Ngboejeogu recently which according to him was unconnected to man's wickedness to man, advised those who are bent on destroying the dreams of youths of the community to desist from such attitude, as he vowed that if it is man-made, the person must pay for his sins. 

Further, he noted that such number of death in the youth community was first of it kind since the existence of Ngboejeogu. He particular frowned on the death of Dr Igwe Sunday of Okposhi Eshi who died last week and to be buried on 26th November, 2020.

"Dr Sunday Igwe died last week. This is a young guy that just finished his internship recently. He brother popularly called " Medicine" who was studying Medicine and Surgery in Ebonyi State University also died long ago which shaken the whole youths in Ngbo. Miss Okpe Modesta of Unwuogudu Akpu Ngbo who was waiting for her NYSC also died recently, among other's. This is unacceptable to me and entire Ngbo youth and we must rise and seek the face of God and asked forgiveness. It seems something is fishy somewhere" Amb Nwede added.

He continued: "We have witnessed a quite number of death this year in the youth community. We can't continue to fold our hands and watch our promising youths dying mysteriously daily. We must rise to stop it because I believe that God will not abandon us."

Nwede called on the people of Ngboejeogu to seek the face of God and asked for total forgiveness, noting that God can never fail his people, quoting that "Righteous Exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to it". He equally enjoined the youths and elders to love one another and eschew envy, hatred, Gossip and backbiting, as such can lead one to halt the dreams of his fellow. 

"Let's love one another, eschew envy, jealousy, hatred, Gossip, Conspiracy, backbiting and show happiness on the success of everyone. Anyone who becomes whatever must come back to Ngbo. We have different calls and as such, needless hurting for another persons life who is doing well in his chosen career. We must turn from our evil ways and embrace one another else Ngbo will go into extinction," he advised..

Nwede commended those who volunteered themselves to organize series of prayers in regards to this ugly development and advised all the youths to desist from what will incur the wrath of God on them.

He also called on the religious Leaders to Intercede in prayers on behalf of the  youths'   forgiveness of their sins and heal the Land.

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