#ENDSARS: Tinubu cautions against endless protests


APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu urged the #ENDSARS protesters to stop, for having made government to show a laudable sensitivity to their grievances within a very short period.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari has shown “laudable sensitivity to their grievances” and advised the protesters  to leave the streets because the change they desired could not be achieved in an atmosphere of “endless protests.”

In considering the on-going protests last night in a statement titled: “ENDSARS Protest: The Remedy national mamadies is more or less, democracy,” the APC National Leader commended the youths at the vanguard of the protest for their good organization, which according to him has shown their dexterity, but warned that such should not be fritted away.

He also appreciated the religious leaders for their patriotism and high sense of responsibility at thie resentitive time, urging them to prevail on their teeming followers to end the protest now and give peace a chance because the government needs time to implement its commitment to the demands of the youths.

In his reasons why the protests should be ended, Tinubu said: “This process of change should be supported and cannot be done in an atmosphere of endless protests that are also crippling an economy already enfeebled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “It is only fair that government must be given the chance to implement the reforms demanded by the protesters. This can certainly not be done instantaneously by the waving of a magic wand.

“If government had not implemented promised reforms in the past, the swiftness with which it has responded to the demands of the protesters this time around shows that that there is a positive change by government, both of attitude and of a new sense of urgency.”

“The intent of the organisers of the protests is to achieve stated objectives on police reform, which the government has in principle accepted. It can certainly not be their motive to cause generalized anarchy or effect regime change. If they give the impression that that is their goal, then any government will necessarily have to act with the requisite decisiveness and force to restore law and order and preserve constitutional rule.

“Their democratic right to protest must not be exercised in such a way that impedes the democratic right of other citizens to freedom of movement, expression and the liberty to pursue their livelihoods.” -Nation


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