#ENDSARS protests turn violent in Abuja


The #EndSARS revolution protests have turned violent in Abuja and at least two  persons were reportedly fearing killed with several properties rendered futile due to the outbreak of mayhem that broke out at Apo Mechanic Village when suspected thugs hijacked the restiveness on Monday. 

 The hoodlums attacked people at the vicinity randomly with many vehicles belonging to the #ENDSARS protesters set ablaze.

Eyewitnesses told NATIONAL PANEL reporters that, the ugly incident took place after a horde of thugs were conveyed to the spot in a large truck to allegedly distablize the peace protests. 

Some of the sources who live very close to the scene of the incident stated that  the hoodlums were armed with machetes and other crude weapons used to bruised the peaceful protesters at a slightest sight.

The eyewitnesses said, some of the protesters ran out for their safety whereas an encouraging number of them faced the thugs an eye bulb to eye bulb to defense themselves.

The invaders descended on anything and anyone in sight. Shops, vehicles, houses and anything else they could lay their hands on were not spared.

It was also gathered the attackers destroyed every sighted including vehicles, shops houses among others mercilessly.

"This incident erupted when some thugs  appeared and accosted the peaceful protesters at Kabusa junction", one of the eyewitnesses stated. 

Another observed that the incident, took place, "around 3pm. The protesters resisted the intruders who came with all manner of dangerous weapons, and instead of retreating from the scene, the miscreants bent on committing mischief, started burning vehicles along the road.

“The aggression extended to the popular mechanic village where the miscreants also attacked more people, burning shops and properties within their reach.

“Shop and vehicle owners who felt aggrieved by the actions of the mischief makers went on reprisal and it was mayhem. The hoodlums managed to escape after the trouble they caused."

NATIONAL PANEL learnt the incident occurred at the area being  highly populated by Igbo traders.


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