End-SARS protesters block Kubwa, Abuja-keffi expressway


In Abuja, the nightmare witnessed by the residents on Friday due to the End-SARS protesters became worse on Saturday they blocked the Kubwa expressway, NATIONAL PANEL gathered.

Nation reports that the protests took a new dimension as youths in their large number blocked the entire usual busy Kubwa expressway.

The protesters had converged on the City Gate and shut down the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport road, Abuja on Friday.

They also converged on Saturday around the NNPC filling station beside the expressway and blocked the road with vehicles, dancing and chanting solitary songs and shouting endSARS in Nigeria, leaving many motorists stranded for hours.

They blocked the expressway with vehicles belonging to them alongside other materials, while that one was going on, another group also blocked the Abuja-keffi road.

The situation made it difficult for commuters and motorists to go about their normal businesses.

The demonstrators were singing solidarity songs and chanting endSARS in Nigeria as they marched on the road.

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