Intl Peace Day: FG urged to enact Peace Corps bill

By Victor Nwegede

Members of the Nigerian Peace Corps have urged the Federal Government to assent into law, the peace Corps bill if already done with the National Assembly to enable them start carrying out their official duties centering on building peace in the society.

The Corps Commandant, Ebonyi State Command, Uchenna Nwali made this request on Monday at Abakaliki while commemorating the international day of peace with his members in the state.

He said, if the Federal Government gazettes the Nigerian Peace Corps, it would go in a long way to elevating the crises in the country, stressing that, unemployment of the youths could be reduced to a barest minimal with a consistent framework for peace and developmental sustainability. 

He pointed out that , the event has showed how peace is valued Nationwide, and urged Nigerian Government to consider gazetting the peace corps as a very crucial one and a powerful agency to use in getting the country's peace agenda easily realizable.

Nwali commended all the security agencies in the country and however, appealed to the government to gazette the corps to as well give its quota on  best ways to rid crises of the Nigeria communities.

He identified youths as the major constituents to crime breeds and crises, suggesting that, offering them jobs, and societal valued orientations would help out in the fight against insecurities.

The Commandant maintained that the corps has many things in stulks to offer to the society especially in ensuring  peaceful atmosphere is witnessed in every hook and cranny in the country if it is fully gazetted like other security outfits.

Hear him: Today is 21st September, being mapped out by the United Nations to observe as the day of peace.

 "The significant of this event is to cease fire, so that, every country that is in crisis, should stop by embracing peace. 

"We have contributed to build peace in various communities as a peace corps by training and sensitizing people. We involve  and encourage in youths empowerment, because, when the young ones are trained, security threats would be reduced to the barest minimal. They will respect the laws because they become full aware of the consequences of going contrarying to them. This supposed we are gazetted, we are ready to do more to build peace in every hook and cranny.

"My prayer is that the Federal Government should kindly pass the bills of peace corps into law. The Federal government of Nigeria should assent the bill into law,  when the National assembly are true with it. It is because when we want to carry out functions, the Police will say we are not yet gazetted. Let them gazette us, so that the Peace Corps of Nigeria will have all the legal backing to operate in every part of this country. If we are gazetted, you will know we are equal to the tasks as far as building peace in the society is concerned. 

"The youths are the major patakers of crises. Being it electoral crisis, community affairs and even religion conflicts, the youths are the major people causing one problem or the other in those areas. We ask them to ensue grievances and mbibe the character of peace. By that they should not belong to secret cult, avoid taking hard drugs, and excess acohol."

Also speaking, the Deputy State Commandant, Research and Planning, Patriot Echiegu Eugine Nnanna noted that, "Peace Corps Ebonyi State Command joined United Nations to celebrate the world international peace day. The theme of this year's international peace day, is shaping the peace together. So, shaping the peace together means that it involves everybody to come together to ensure peace is achieved in every environment one founds himself especially a country like Nigeria, where there are all forms of teririosm, the Boko Haram, herdsmen, and others degenerating squabbles in the society. These degrade us as Nigeria as a country, because development will be largely affected adversely if not fought to the root. The economy is not safe because of the violence in one state or the other. We are urging general public to embrace peace, let us come together to shape peace."

Echiegu being the Committee Chairman of the occasion and other corps officials  including the Deputy State Commandant on Finance, Patriot Urom Sampson Chinedu, the Deputy State Commandant on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Appostle Albert Chukwuma and the Assistant Commandant on Special Duty, Mrs. Uzim Oluchukwu Miracle, said, the corps has concluded a plan to encourage individuals, groups, agencies and government machineries who have been contributing to the peace building among people in the state and beyond with an award of excellences in no distant time. 

They therefore, advised all and sundry to follow peace without violence, believing that by so doing would usher in alot of development, stressing that if the Peace Corps bill being enacted, the crises trailing the nation will in a reasonable extent be reduced minimally.


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