USAID State2State Holds OGP Workshop In Ebonyi

The USAID State Accountability, Transparency and Effectiveness State2State Activity held a 3-day residential workshop on development of a standard result framework and reporting template for the tracking, documentation and reporting of Open Government Partnership (OGP) State Action Plan (SAP) in Ebonyi State 

The workshop which held at Nike Lake Resorts Enugu was to develop tools that will facilitate the effective  implementation of the Open Government Partnership State Action Plan as well as a proper documentation of results and achievements recorded during the implementation process with the use of the OGP standard reporting template.

In an Opening remark, the Principal Secretary to the Ebonyi State Government and the Co - chairman of the  OGP representing the government side, Hon Chief  Mathias Adum who was represented by Mr. Mathias Erueke said that Ebonyi State  signed-into the programme in 2017, though not successful within the first 2 years, but was revived in 2022 with support from USAID State2State and the  government has been doing everything within it's reach to support it’s effective and successful implementation.

He said that in as much as there is need for improvement in budget implementation, Ebonyi State has made headway in conflict resolutions and an adequate crises management among others.

In his words, the other OGP  co- chairman in charge of civil society organisation Mr. Ajah Chima represented by Mr. Anele Okoroagha commended the revitalization of the Open Government Partnership by State2State and expressed hope that it will work according to the planned schedules.

The Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist and the Focal point of OGP for State2State, Ejiro Okotie, highlighted the major objectives of the workshop which was to develop a standard result  framework and reporting template for Ebonyi State. She also facilitated a session on ensuring GESI mainstreaming in the development of the result framework with specific GESI indicators  in the targets to track GESI in the OGP implementation. 
Chief Uchenna Arisukwu from National Secretariat of OGP  said OGP is a policy approach to government reforms that will help to build a culture of transparency, civil participation and accountability which will increase confidence in governance and strengthen the social contract.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist from the OGP National Secretariat Mr. Mooreino  Diftuffe. while presented on the modalities for developing the result framework and setting key performance indicators  baseline and targets. He said these are essential in the delivery of government projects and programmes.

The Technical Working Groups (TWGs) in the 4 thematic groups worked together using the State Action Plan (SAP) to develop their Result Framework. After the group work, various  groups from different thematic areas presented their results  framework with feedback received and effected. Dr Uto Moses Onwe of Fiscal Transparency Group moved motion for the validation and adoption of the drafted result framework and reporting template, seconded by Mrs. Lorrieth Nwafor of Access to Information Technical Working  Group, and finally unanimously adopted by the TWGs.

In a closing remark,  the State Team Lead Dr Sam Onyia thanked  the participants for painstakingly going through the development of the Result Framework and Report template which will be useful for OGP implementation in Ebonyi state. He expressed the hope that OGP will continue to succeed and our achievements become more visible beyond the state to the OGP National and Global stage. 

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