Hon. Stephen Ebere Nwogba: Replicating Gov. Nwifuru's Peoples Charter Of Needs In Abakaliki LGA

If democracy is all about providing quality leadership to the people, then, Hon. Stephen Ebere Nwogba is a true democrat. He has not only presented himself as a selfish leader but has always shown his passion to leave behind indelible footprints in the sands of history, through his selfless service to humanity. Below are some of the track records of the Council Boss:

Construction of multimillion naira worth of bridge at Ngele Nwangbor and Ngele Attam, Ndiofutu Edda in Edda Community, construction of box concrete culvert at Shade Ekori Okpuitumo, Ameji in Ndiegu Okpuitumo
Ogbeja, Ngele Nwanjioyi, Okwerike, Uda Mpe, Okpaoji, Ndialo, Onuoguzor Okemini, Ndiegu Okpuitumo, Okwunyirimonu, Okpoji, Onuoguzor Uwanka, Ngele Ikara-Okaria in Edda community and Omege Ephugbo in Ndiegu Okpuitumo.

Construction of 5 rooms toilet facilities and overhead tanks at Linus Edeh memorial timber shade, construction of 4 VIP toilet and 2 rooms for security personnel at the Local Government Council Headquarters, Nkaliki, construction of 3 motorized boreholes with overhead tanks at Omege Ephugbo, Ndiechi Okpuitumo, construction and installation of 221 pieces of solar lights from Building Materials to Mbamoko road in Amegu community, construction and installation of 110 sets of solar street lights at Bishop Michael Nnachi Okoro flyover Abakaliki, construction of one storey building market masters' office at Nkwegu market, renovation and furnishing of Chairman’s Quarters Nkaliki and refurbishing of 500KVA transformer at Nkaliki.

The Council Chairman has also worked assiduously to give a facelift to most of the rural roads that were in deplorable condition. Among which includes, bulldozing, latrating and grading of Nkaliki-Inyirigbada lodge and Obuegu/INEC road Nkaliki, Eze Obeji/Ebia Unuhu road Agbaja village, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 16.8km Shade Ekori, Nwalagba-Nworie Market/Shade Elome road in Ndiegu Okpuitumo, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1.8km Ameji/Ottam Edda road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 3.4km Ameji/Ephugbo/Omege road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1.2km Nwori Onuoguzor Okemini/Uda Mpe road, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 2.8km Ubia/Onuoguzor Uphere Nwori road, latrating and grading of 3.4km hilltop/ Unagboke Rice Mill road in Agbaja village, bulldozing, latrating and grading of 1. 6km Ephugbo slow/Omege Ephugbo road/Ndiegu Okpuitumo and filling of a deep trench with latrate at Centenary City, Inyimegu Unuphu village.

Training of over 200 graduates and undergraduates in different skills acquisition, payment of severance allowances to the past political officeholders in the Council, provision of reward benefits to 3 political wards in Abakaliki L.G.A that recorded highest votes in the last general elections, timely presentation and subsequent approval of 2023 budget appropriation bill of inclusion which represents the people's charter of needs of the entire communities in Abakaliki L.G.A, appointment of over 40 youths into various enviable positions in his government, disbursement of multimillion naira Christmas largesse to the people of Abakaliki L.G.A during the Council's Christmas party in December 2022 and 2023, provision of financial support to Izzi Lawyers Forum for 2023 law conference, donation of 10 motorcycles to the youths of Abakaliki L.G.A, empowerment of over 500 widows across the communities of Abakaliki L.G.A with food items, wrappers and money, among other welfare packages targeted at mitigating the financial predicaments of groups and individuals from within and outside the shores of Abakaliki L.G.A who were in dare need of help.

Payment of the hospital bills of more than 100 indigent ones, including the surgical bill of a patient recently diagnosed of mouth tumor and the recent offsetting of the hospital bills of all the indigent patients at Amurt health facilities in Ehuenyim and Nwori Ndiegu Okpuitumo, established healthcare centres at Timber Shade Ward and Ward 11, and also attracted direct facility financing and free access to medical treatment in various healthcare centres of Abakaliki L.G.A, established trained and retrained health workers to tackle infant malnutrition, maternal and child mortality and ensures free eye care, HBP and hepatitis B checks for the people of Abakaliki L.G.A.

Assistance in the payment of school fees of more than 200 undergraduate students from Abakaliki L.G.A and beyond including the fees of 38 law students drawn from different parts of Izzi clan, registration of WAEC for 3 best performing students of each government owned secondary schools in Abakaliki L.G.A, provision of writing materials to pupils and students across the Council area and also invested heavily on the football team that represents Abakaliki L.G.A in the ongoing governor's inter-local government football competition.

Provision of agro inputs and financial supports to local farmers and cooperative societies, sponsorship of agricultural skills development and establishment of local government farm, among others.

Provision of 28 sienna buses and 40 motorcycles for Neighbourhood Watch security and Vigilante group in various communities of Abakaliki L.G.A so as to ensure adequate security, peace and orderliness in all parts of the Council area, commitment of pragmatic efforts and resources that brought lasting peace to the communities and villages that were in serious conflicts and loggerheads, including Enyigba community, Agalegu Amachi village, Ndigboke village, Agbaja Unuphu village, Okpuitumo Ndunkwegu village, Inyimegu village, Motor Spare Parts Abakaliki, and Ekeru Inyimegu village, and also undertook the sponsorship of peace sensitization exercise within the border areas of Abakaliki L.G.A.

Regular payment of both the workers and retirees, and as also encouragement of hardworking among the civil servants through reward system, as demonstrated in the case of one popular Onye Fee Eze who served the council and retired without blemish and was blessed with a brand new motorcycle and undisclosed amount of money, and also appointed him as the sergeant at arm of the legislative council.

With these and many more, I think the people's Chairman does not only deserve accolades but also need the people's mandate to do more works because the reward for good work is the opportunity to do more.

Scripted by James Ndubuisi Nwakpa,
SA On Media to the Executive Chairman,
Abakaliki L.G.A

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