Ebonyi: Labour Party Supporters Still With Us, Peter Obi – Dr Ezeh

Labour Party chieftain and former House of Representatives candidate in the 2023 general election in Ebonyi state, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh has reaffirmed that supporters of the party and its presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi are still intact.

The former national Assembly contestant, Dr Ezeh made the assertion during interview with Journalists in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

Ezeh, an Oxford trained entrepreneur; President of Ebonyi Chamber of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture and the CEO, Immaculate Group of Companies, who contested for Abakaliki/Izzi Federal constituency in Ebonyi state, who firmly believed he won the present occupant of the position but robbed by powers of the state explained that the party has rather grown in strength as supporters are citizenry who need a rebirth of old order and better nation.

"No, I do not agree we have lost any of our members, rather, we have gained a lot more converts. Let me firmly assure you that LP members down to the grassroots are ideologically connected in their quest for a New Nigeria and have neither waiver nor lost faith in the course. 

" Those who moved are the politicians that saw LP as a special purpose vehicle to actualize ambitions. If you look at those moving out of LP in Ebonyi state, you will notice they are perennial movers and some are known  leaders of AGIP (any government in power).

Let’s not forget that what happened in 2023 was a revolution of ideas birthed by the youths of Nigeria. A peoples’ movement called the Obi-dients. These people are young, urbane, middle class, educated, youthful and entrepreneurial but, largely unemployed and frustrated.

He added that the supporters of Mr Peter Obi are patriotic and ideological citizens that have transverse all part of the world and are ready to make positive impact in the leadership of the country for a functional institutions and said that they are not ready to bow to prebenal politics.

They are ideological connected to an ideal world view that many of the  political class do not have the competence to  understand nor aspire to. 

"These young Nigerians have seen comrades die crossing the Atlantic Oceans in search of better opportunities, seen many die in the deserts of Ethiopia. 

"They have seen in their  travels, the power of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and  a future that is Nigeria’s. 

"These are not people ready to jump from party to party. They are the real  followers of Mr. Obi. Like Kenya, the bubble may yet burst if we continue to be tone deaf to their legitimate demands  for the rebirth of  a New Nigeria" Ezeh said

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