Chuba Okadigbo Int'l Airport Sets To Accelerate Ebonyi, S/East Economic Development - Obichukwu

The commissioner for Aviation and transport technology, Mrs Ngozi Obichukwu has explained that the Chuba Okadigbo international airport has the capacity to boost the economy of Ebonyi State and the south east region by a greater percentage.

She reiterated the preparedness of the state government led by governor Francis Nwifuru to ensure that the Chuba Okadigbo's airport commences operation soonest.

Obichukwu, who marked her one year in office as the commissioner for aviation and transport technology, applauded governor Francis Nwifuru's prudence and transparency in the utilization of funds to execute quality projects in the state.

She stated that the airport has both local and international wings, and as much, will attract foreign investors into the state to invest, revamp the economy and create massive jobs for the teeming unemployed youths in the state and south east in general.

Obichukwu, however narrated that the runway rehabilitation has recorded ninety percent completion, and as such, will be delivered soonest by the contractor, infrastructure Development Company, IDC, to the state government for inauguration.

According to her: "The governor, Francis Nwifuru is a man that has a taste and he goes for quality in his work. And he doesn't compromise quality in his work. We thank God that the governor is committed to ensuring that the Chuba Okadigbo international airport is put in the right frame. 

"His determination to get the airport working is already assured because the contractors that bid and the one that won the bid, have really done very well, on the base and width that they indulged in the rehabilitation and asphalting of the runway" she said.

The commissioner further enumerated the achievements of her ministry within the one year under review to include; purchase of airport-bus to enhance mobility of workers, regular payment of salaries to workers, inauguration of peace and conflict resolution committee to interface with passengers in the airport.

Facilitated the evaluation of the Chuba Okadigbo international airport by the Federal ministry of Aviation, Federal ministry of Housing and Urban development, NAMA, NIMET and FAN,  etc, who inspected the work done at the Chuba Okadigbo's airport.

"We have made proposals to the federal government and if we relinquish this outfit, we should have something commiserate with what is on ground" she said. 

She further narrated the efforts currently being put in place to ensure a commiserate repayment of the cost of construction of the Chuba Okadigbo's airport to the state government and possible takeover of the airport by the federal ministry of Aviation.

"We even have the Cago unit  for food produce export.We have plans to Have Airport hangers (Aircraft mechanic workshop) for repair of flights across the Country

The commissioner also revealed plans by her ministry through the approval of the state governor, Francis Nwifuru, to establish a College of Aviation in the state.

She, however commended the governor Francis Nwifuru for the opportunity given to her to serve the state, and vowed to contribute maximally to the development and progress of the present administration.

The aviation commissioner, Obichukwu emphasized that the good governance of governor, Francis Nwifuru, especially the People's charter of needs, will earn him a second term in office, and that there is no two ways about it.

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