Church Honors Ebonyi HAG With 'King Of Justice' Award

BY Chikodiri Igwe Eze, Abakaliki 

The Assemblies of God Church, Upper Room, Urban Section, Echara Ikwo, witnessed a joyous celebration today as the women's ministry honoured the state's Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Dr. Ben Uruchi Odoh, with an award titled "King of Justice."

The event, held during the church's Mothering Sunday service, saw the church filled with jubilation as they welcomed Dr. Odoh. Mrs. Nwite Elizabeth, president of the women's ministry, expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the Attorney General honouring their invitation. They praised God for elevating their son to such a high position in the state and nation, including his recent appointment as chairman of the Body of States Attorneys General of the Federation.

In a touching revelation, Attorney General Odoh shared his personal connection to the church, citing his upbringing under the guidance of his father, the late Rev. Joseph Okeh, who served as a pastor in the Assemblies of God Church and through the church's offerings, he was raised. He attributed his success to the values instilled in him through the church and vowed to remain dedicated to matters concerning the welfare of the church.

Reflecting on his journey to where he is today, Dr. Odoh humbly acknowledged the role of grace in his life. Recounting his decision to return to his lecturing job at the Nigerian Police Academy in Kano after serving as the Special Assistant on Deputy Governor's office to the immediate former Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, he revealed how providence intervened and he received the unexpected news of his appointment as Attorney General, followed by his recent election as chairman of the Body of States Attorneys General of the Federation. He expressed his gratitude and requested the continued prayers of the church.

In his further address to the congregation, Attorney General Odoh outlined his vision for justice in Ebonyi State, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring that justice is accessible to all, particularly the marginalized. He unveiled initiatives such as the Citizens' Mediation Centre and the Office of the Public Defender, aimed at providing institutional support to those in need of legal assistance.

Drawing inspiration from international models of restorative justice, Dr. Odoh pledged to adopt the best practices from countries like Norway and Switzerland, where incarceration rates are low, and justice systems focus on rehabilitation and reconciliation. He assured the congregation that his administration would prioritize justice that humanizes and unites the people of Ebonyi.

In a heartfelt conclusion to the ceremony, the pastor of the church, Rev. Elem Moses, led the congregation in fervent prayers for Attorney General Odoh, invoking blessings of wisdom and grace for his continued endeavours in dispensing impartial justice. As a token of their appreciation, the women ministry presented Dr. Odoh with the esteemed award, symbolizing his embodiment of justice and integrity.

The recognition bestowed upon Attorney General Ben Uruchi Odoh serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to justice and his dedication to serving the people of Ebonyi State. With his leadership, Ebonyians can look forward to a future where justice reigns supreme, guided by principles of fairness, compassion, and righteousness.

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