Effium Crisis:Amuda General Assembly Commends Governor Nwifuru's Peace Efforts

By Our Reporter, Abakaliki

Group, under the agies of Amuda General Assembly has commended the Ebonyi State Governor, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru for his genuine efforts and commitment in ensuring the return and total restoration of peace in Effium land.

The commendation was contained in a press statement jointly signed by the president General of Amuda General Assembly, Comrade Michael Inaah and Secretary General, Prince Ude Samuel, and made available to journalist in Abakaliki, the state capital.

The press statement reads in part:
"First, we commend the Governor of Ebonyi State Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru for his uncommon courage and commitment towards ensuring the return of a permanent peace in Effium Autonomous Community. Gentlemen of the press, it is no longer news that there has been a communal crisis between the people of Effium/Ezza-Effium in Effium Autonomous Community Ohaukwu Local Government Area since January 2021 and the last administration led by Engr. David Nweze Umahi tried its best to quell the crisis but was eventually inherited by the present administration led by Rt. Honourable Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru.

"We wish to place on record our commendation to the Peace Panel of the state government led by the Bishop Emeritus of Abakaliki Diocese Rtd. Bishop Michael Nnachi Okoro for the excellent job done although the people of Ezza-Effium received the recommendations of the Peace Panel with mixed feelings as contained in their press release of 23rd March, 2024. This is however, understandable.

"We also want to use this medium to correct some erroneous impressions contained in the said Ezza Ezekuna Press Release where it was referenced that Amuda (Idzem) people, an Korring speaking ethnic group like Effium people have autonomous community in Ezza North Local Government Area. We wish to set the records straight by stating as follows:

I. That Amuda (Idzem) people did not fight or shed the blood of innocent Ebonyians to get autonomy in Ezza North Local Government. 
II. That Amuda (Idzem) people like other Korring speaking ethnic group in Ebonyi state were the first aboriginal settlers of the present day Abakaliki including Ezza North Local Government Area.
III. That Ezza North Local Government Area in particular was the first place the Amuda (Idzem) people settled in before migrating to other places such as Effium in Ohaukwu and Ezilo in Ishielu Local Government Areas respectively.
IV. That as far back as 14th century, Amuda (Idzem) people have had organized societies with their first known leader as Izekwe Ibo and his wife Ogba Izekwe. Izekwe Ibo is the equivalent of Ezekuna of Ezza.
V. That the first official Traditional Ruler of Amuda (Idzem) community in Ezza North is HRH Onwe Elechi recognized by the defunct East Central State Military Administrator John Author Kpera under the Unified Local Government Reforms of 1976.
VI. That before the above, Amuda (Idzem) people in Ezza North have had other community leaders such as Edzem Ekeke and his contemporaries such as Olung Okolo, Uraku and Ozomokwe.

"To further buttress our point that it was the Korring speaking people of Ebonyi state, Amuda inclusive that first settled in the present day Abakaliki, see A.E Cook (1993), in his journal titled “Intelligence Report on Ntezi and Okpoto clans, Abakaliki Division of Ogoja Providence” National Archives File No. EP 12133 (pg 25 – 26{9 – 10}).The report states “Before the advent of the Ezzas the sons of Orri (Orring) each the head of a clan comprising at that time three (3) or more families, lived and farmed without interruption scattered over a territory some 20 miles wide and 25 miles long. At that period there was none to dispute with the ownership of land which, so far as they were aware was limitless. With the coming of the Ezzas and the Izzis from the south, however, this pleasant and un-crowed {sic} state of things was doomed to disappear forever”.    

"May we also use this medium to advise our neighbours (Ezzas) to focus on sorting out their issue with their landlords (Effium Natives) and leave Amuda (Idzem) people alone as Amuda (Idzem) people are peace loving and wish not to be dragged into the Effium/Ezza-Effium crisis. 
Finally, we support the full implementation of the Report of the Bishop Michael Nnachi Okoro led committee and urge His Excellency Rt. Honourable Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru to back the Implementation Committee set up by himself as doing otherwise will be counter-productive".

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