Former Rep Member Dumps PDP For APC With Over 1000 Loyalists

A member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and former Federal legislator who represented Ezza North/ Ishielu constituency, Hon Engr Peter Ede has officially rejoined the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi state.

Defecting with thousands of his supporters from the PDP, APGA and Labour Party, at APC office in Abakaliki, Ede pledged to assist in building a better environment. 
"Some of us are rejoining the party while others are freshers. We decided to join the party because of the friendly atmosphere your people have fostered in the state. I want to paid due recognition to the governor who has demonstrated unparalleled humility in handling the affairs of the state. We as a group started supporting him before the election and he won the election landslide in our areas of influences. He has provided good leadership. I am not saying this to massage his ego or yours". 

Responding, the state APC Chairman, Hon Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha who promised the defectors equal treatment  said the party can accommodate everyone with genuine intention stressing that Governor Nwifuru is working with best brains without minding their political party attachment. 
Emegha further noted that the present administration led by Governor Nwifuru is more concerned in re-strategizing in order to make the state a reference point of excellence among comity of states. 

"I am happy that these multitudes have joined our formidable party today. People celebrate with whom God has already been ordained. APC is not only blessed but it is doing exploits in addressing issues of concerns to the people". Many of you left the party then just to show your grievances but thank God, the party is hale and hearty and even better now". 
"My boss and our Governor, His Excellency, Right Honourable (Dr) Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru has distinguished himself in the leadership of the state. He is a rare leader whose quest to improve lives has remained unparalleled and unchallenged. The Governor wants Ebonyi to take the lead as the best among states of the federation. Under his watch the state is not only competing favourably but is now a reference point of good governance in the nation. Let me inform you that the Governor is driving at nothing other than to rapidly and sustainably develop Ebonyi and her people". 

As one of the Governor's lieutenants, I am urging you to be of good cheers and actively participate in the activities of the party. There would be no segregation because we all can be comfortably accommodated. Let's help the Governor actualise his dream for better Ebonyi and her people". 
Let's help in making this place a preferred economic destination for investors by joining forces with His Excellency, the Governor in fighting societal ills such as youth restiveness and insecurity in general. The Governor has shown a lot of trust in the ability of persons working with him hence they are at liberty to bring their expertise and wealth of experience to bare for a better society. 

"The governor is only looking for the best brains and your move today has made APC stronger in Ishielu local government area. I still remember all my efforts to get you back before now but i thank God it is happening today. Let us build a stronger and better party and in extension the state. We need experienced people and greenhorns alike to make progress". 

"We are one people and be assured of equal treatment. The party belongs to all of us. Make bold to actively participate in all of our engagements".

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