FG To Address Rising Cost Of Cement, Other Building Materials

Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ahmed Dangiwa, has announced his intention to convene a crucial meeting with cement manufacturers and other building material providers nationwide. The primary goal of this initiative is to address the escalating prices of essential building commodities that are becoming a growing concern across the country.

Expressing his dismay over the relentless surge in prices, Minister Dangiwa emphasized the need for transparency from manufacturers regarding the reasons behind these frequent hikes.

He challenged the justification of blaming the rise solely on the exchange rate, pointing out that the raw materials for production are sourced within Nigeria.

“I am going to be meeting with these manufacturers soon so that they can explain to Nigerians their reasons for such incessant hikes. There is no justification to blame it all on the rise of the dollar,” he asserted.

The minister underscored the critical importance of creating a conducive environment for the private sector to thrive. This includes ensuring that building materials are reasonably priced and readily available, a vital component in fostering sustained growth in the housing and urban development sector. The upcoming meeting is poised to be a key forum for addressing these concerns and working towards a more affordable and accessible market for building materials in Nigeria.

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