Ebonyi Gov. Bans Collection of Tolls, Levies From Petty Traders

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

Ebonyi State Governor, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru has warmed members of newly reconstituted Board of Internal revenue in the state against collecting of tolls and Levies from petty traders in various markets across the state, Noting that action will inflict hardship on the poor masses.

Nwifuru stated this on Tuesday during the swearing ceremony of the members of the board and other boards and Commissions in the state held at the Executive council chambers Ochudo centenary city Abakaliki. He  charged the chairman and members of the board to carry out their responsibilities with due diligence band challenged the board to rather go after those who have mansions but have refused to pay taxes.

"Collecting levies and tolls from women selling vegetables and grand nuts will inflict hardship on the people . Therefore, I challenge you  to rather look for those who have mansions and yet they are not paying taxes".

The Governor also charged the State civil service commission to begin the process of training and re- training of the State workforce for optimum performance

"I want you to improve our relationship with our workers and also ensure they  are trained. The Head of Service should work with the Civil Service Commission to do this. We must always show example because when the workers are trained they will be more equipped to do the job.".

On the Local Government system, the Governor challenged the Chairman and Members to immediately correct anomalies in the system . 

The Governor said  "our local Government system is badly challenged, most of the council Chairmen influence posting of Heads of personal Management and Treasurers  to them without recourse to the scheme of service. It is only there you  can see a junior heading a Senior . Where a level 13 Will be made a treasurer where a level 15 officer will be Internal Auditor is unacceptable. In the service, people should wait for their turn".

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