Senatorial Aspirant Lauds Gov Nwifuru's Commitment To Good Governance In Ebonyi

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

Frontline Senatorial aspirant for Ebonyi South Senatorial zone, Comrade Marcelo Nwaji Anyigor has commended Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru for his unwavering commitment to good governance in Ebonyi State, stressing that under his leadership, the state has witnessed remarkable progress and development across various sectors.

Anyigor, while interacting with journalists in Abakaliki, posited that in less than 200 days in office as Governor, Nwifuru has set a positive leadership direction for the state, adding that the Governor’s People charter of needs mantra has placed utmost priority in the welfare of the people, Health need, Education, infrastructure, among others.

Comrade Marcelo Anyigor, who is currently, the South East Director, Asiwaju Grassroot Foundation AGF Project Beyond 2023, praised the patriotic zeal of the Governor in putting the state on the map growth and development.

Anyigor, an astute politician and business mogul, recounted that, “Governor Nwifuru has prioritized the provision of quality healthcare services in the state. He has invested in the renovation and equipping of healthcare facilities, ensuring that residents have access to adequate medical care. Additionally, his recent employment of health workers into the 13 General hospitals in the state is worthy of commendation. His administration has also implemented programs to tackle prevalent health challenges and improve healthcare outcomes for the people.

“His Excellency has further demonstrated a strong commitment to Education. His recent increment of subvention to Ebonyi State University and State College of Education and subsequent release of over 700m to EBSU management is a clear indication of strong Commitment to quality Education in the state.

“He has also embarked on an aggressive campaign to improve the quality of education in Ebonyi State. Through the construction of modern school buildings, provision of educational materials and has created an enabling environment for quality Education in the state”.

The Senatorial aspirant for Ebonyi South Senatorial zone, who is seeking the mandate of his people on the platform of the All Progressives Congress APC, averred that Governor Nwifuru has also placed high priority on the infrastructure development in the State, through the construction of new roads, bridges, and other vital infrastructure, he has enhanced connectivity within the state and improved the ease of doing business and has attracted investments and spurred economic growth in the state.

He revealed further that in the Agricultural sector, the Governor has implemented innovative policies and programs to enhance productivity and boost the state's economy. He has provided farmers with access to improved seedlings, fertilizers, and modern farming techniques. This has resulted in increased agricultural output, improved food security, and the empowerment of local farmers.

“I commend Governor Nwifuru for his dedication to good governance in Ebonyi State. His achievements in healthcare, education, agriculture, infrastructure and human capital development have positively impacted the lives of the people. It is evident that under his leadership, Ebonyi State continues to witness steady progress and development in every sector.

“I Enjoin all Ebonyians both at home and in diaspora, despite our political differences to join force with our dear Governor  to move the state forward as there’s no other state we can call our own if not this.

“I want to assure His Excellency, our dear Governor and the good people of Ebonyi South Senatorial zone of  my willingness to galvanize resources and join forces with other leaders in the state to attract meaningful development to our people in particular and the state in general if given the mandate to represent them at the red chamber of the National Assembly”.

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