Ebonyi South Senatorial Race: Anyigor Assures Of Quality, All-inclusive Representation

The All Progressives Congress Aspirant for Ebonyi South Senatorial District, Comrade Marcelo Nwaji Anyigor has assured his constituents of quality representation in the Red Chambers if his aspiration came to fruition. 

Anyigor who made the pledge yesterday while interacting with newsmen in Abakaliki, the State capital, said, he would utilise the wealth of his leadership experience to ensure evident development in his senatorial district if elected into the office.

According to him, leadership does not end in making speeches and creating needless attention but entails a critical understanding of the genuine needs and aspirations of the people.

He expressed his gameness to muster courage by ensuring his plans were translated into reality without any hindrance.

"In my solemn bid to offer the good people of Ebonyi South Senatorial District a credible leadership, my political research team have undertaken thorough research and has equally consulted all relevant stakeholders within our region.

"Consequently, we have arrived at some legislative initiatives and policy agenda which we are convinced be capable of transforming the living conditions of our people when implemented," he said.

He recalled the agitations for the devolution of powers to the component states of the federation in Nigeria, saying this has been the opinion of many leaders of thought that too much concentration of powers at the centre had caused lop-sidedness in the country in terms of power sharing and resource allocation, thereby putting many states of the federation at disadvantage. 

In his words, "This runs contrary to the ideal principles of true federalism. I, therefore, wish to join the fray in canvassing for true federalism in Nigeria, which will engender the devolution of more powers to the Regions, States and Local Governments.

"For instance, my home state, Ebonyi State has mineral deposits of Industrial Clay, Limestone, Silica, Kaolin, Tar sand, Decorative rocks and many other solid mineral resources found to be on the Exclusive List and can only be tapped by the Federal government. 

"However, if true federalism was to be practised in Nigeria, Ebonyi would be able to look inward and develop its local economy and stop depending solely on the allocation from the Federal Government. 

"This I believe will help in powering massive job creation for the teeming youths and make the South East region an economically viable region. 

"It is my candid opinion that further policy interventions will help in putting the untapped solid minerals in all the States of the Southeast region on the front burner to attract the attention of the Federal Government for possible allocation of additional votes derivable from the coffers of the Federal Government."

Recall that Anyigor is currently the South East Director of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, AGF Project Beyond 2023.

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