SUBSIDY: Lawmaker Calls For Legislative Intervention To Reduce Poverty

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

The member representing Abakaliki North Constituency in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon Victor Chidi Nwoke has called for urgent legislative intervention in addressing the increasing rate of poverty, hardship and joblessness occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy in the country by the current administration of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The state Lawmaker asserts that the negative effect of fuel subsidy has triggered the rising case of insecurity across the country, calling on his colleagues at the National Assembly to urgently propose bills that would strengthen youth productivity and create job opportunities in the country.

"A situation where by fuel pump prize is increased from two hundred naira to over six hundred naira is worrisome.

"I urge the federal government and National Assembly to really look into the matter because I don't know how an average Nigeria will cope with the situation without provision of vehicle that can be conveying people to their various destination".

Nwoke, in a chat with journalist in Abakaliki, noted that many trained medical doctors are leaving the country in numbers in search for greener pastures outside the country.

"Our Youths that graduated from the University are no longer using their certificates because there are no job opportunities in Nigeria again and that's why most of our medical doctors are leaving Nigeria as if here is no longer their country".

He called on the leadership of the National Assembly  to join forces in making laws that would attract foreign investors to the country. 

According to him, job creation by way of industrialisation, business development through the encouragement of the acquisition of skills and empowerment of Small and Medium business owners would boost the economy of the country and as well discourage the jobless youth from committing crimes.

Nwoke stressed the need to pass bills  that introduce easy means of obtaining loans into law at the national and state assemblies, to stimulate Small and Medium Enterprises, because in his words, "everybody must not be engaged in white collar job."

He correlated the risen cases of social vices including vandalization and drug abuse among the youth to frustration and however, petitioned for a change of status quo in the new Assembly.

"They should also provide companies, industries. Every body must not be accommodated in White collar job. If there's soft loans or other empowerment, our Youths can engage themselves with that to reduce crimes and youth restivenes that creates unnecessary tension in the land. These youth going about Vandalizing and burning of Government property is because they don't have jobs. It will be wise if National Assembly will make some good laws that will help the country at large".

The Ebonyi lawmaker who was elected under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP commended the team spirit among his colleagues at the State Assembly on the passaging into law, the bill on Ebonyi State Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, stressing that those of them in the opposition will work in synergy with their colleagues in the ruling party to make laws that will benefit the generality of Ebonyi people.

"Since we started, we have been working harmoniously, making reasonable laws. The first bill we passed was on small and medium scale industries. Which I know if the Executive implement it will go a long way in helping our Youths and small scale businesses to trive and equally create Jobs in the state. We will continue to work as a team despite the fact that we're in opposition. It is only when they do what we don't like that we will say no to that".

The Lawmaker equally advised his constituents to embrace skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development, as he promised to work with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDA's to re-introduce adult education to promote literacy among the non-privileged ones in his constituency, so that those who desires to upgrade their Educational status will do that at ease.

"I have a lot of packages for my people at Abakaliki North Constituency especially, the youths. I have called a meeting of  my  constituency and asked the youths who has no hand work to go and learn one. I will support them with my salary to ensure that those that are already married will be able to take care of their families. I also told my youths to upgrade their educational status. I will also see the Commissioner for Education. I will bring back adult Education in my constituency, so that those who want to upgrade their Educational status can do that and get ready for opportunities

'Soon, I will also ensure that I empower the petty traders. I will also see the Governor so that he will help me. No matter how small, even if it is one hundred thousand each. If we like, we can ask them to return it in a year time and those that did well we can also give them more. We cannot continue to be begging and begging. These are the few things I think once it is done it help my youth and constituency to do better".

He debunked any defection rumor, stressing that he is barely two months in office and there's nothing like that.
"There's nothing like that. That I am going to leave PDP in no distance time. How can I say a thing like that or plan a thing like that. I'm just about two months in office and I have been planning to leave my party for another party. The party that gave me mandate, it is not done that way. If there's anything that happen that will lead that, till then, but for now, nothing like that and no such plans".

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