We'll Do Everything To Keep Peace In All Parts Of Ebonyi - Dr Ilang Vows

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

The Commissioner for boarder peace and Conflict Resolution, Dr Donatus Chukwuma Ilang, said, his ministry is totally committed to implementing its core mandate of ensuring that peace prevails in all parts of the state, stressing that no meaningful development can occur in atmosphere of rancho and crises.

Dr Ilang stated this on Thursday, while interacting with journalist in his office, old Government House, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital.

Ilang, averred that the Government of Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is built on the platform of peace and his ministry is not leaving any stone unturned in achieveing that.

The Commissioner further revealed that as part of measures to entrench peace in all the warring communities in the state, the Governor has set up committees, made up of highly respected personalities, clergies and Royal fathers to mediate in the matter with the sole purpose of restoring lasting peace in the areas.

"I'll like to inform you that the government led by Nwifuru is built on the platform of peace and we are working towards achieving his goals in his administrative Peoples charter of needs which in the border of peace, our core mandate is ensuring that people's chatter of needs are met in all sector and communities in Ebonyi State. 

"To that effect, His Excellency  has given mandate that we should leave no stone unturned in seeing that peace returns to various waring areas which includes the crisis in ahapu in Ikwo and Amana in Ezza South, Abaomege and Ishinkwo crisis , and Effium and Ezza Effium crisis . 

"As a ministry, we have interacted with these waring communities and have invited them, and also told them government positions so that they will comply with various committees set up by the Governor to ensure that peace returns to their various home because with peace, you have development with peace, we have progress, government is not ready to invest where there is crisis and that is one of our core mandate. 

"The Committee is made up of high profile personalities, traditional rulers, men of God, and what we expect from them is to proffer lasting solution to these crises. Our lord bishop is part of this committee and we believe that all will be settled. 

"I must tell you that this govt is unique and peculiar. Peace is one of its core mandate and I believe that resolution of crises is our core mandate and with the measures and committees set up by the Governor, and the type of people that make up these committee we are going to fine lasting solution. 

"We are going to adopt the 'alternative method' of resolving crises. The committee which was set up by the Governor will act as reconciliators as every member will deploy their wealth of knowledge and wisdom in resolving every crisis amicably. Because any crises that is not amicably resolved will still come back. 
We are committed to ensuring that peace returns to these warring communities and peace accord is signed. 

"We have set the ball rolling, we visited Ezillo few weeks ago and we invited the waring parties which a peace accord was signed. This action has moved the government to give them incentives and other promises made during the campaign. Plans are also in top gear to construct an estate for those affected by the war. Gov Nwifuru's government is committed to ensure that crisis are amicably resolved. 

"In resolving crises there are other agencies we work with like the police, army, civil defense, DSS who investigate to ensure that there is peace you and I, they are all playing their major roles. There will be no room for instigation that will give room for crisis. Nobody will take laws into his hand. The ministry of justice and other agencies are partners". 

He Commended the State House of Assembly for passing a bill, establishing Ebonyi state boundary commission, stressing that it will help in speedy resolution of intra and inter boundary disputes.

"I must hail the House of Assembly for passing a bill to Establish the boundary Commission. If this commission is established, it will go a long way to ensure that local government have their boundaries demarcated and intra and interstate boundaries dispute are resolved".

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