Nwifuru To Empower Thousands Of Hawkers, Others In Anambra, Abuja

The governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru has stated his preparedness to commence the empowerment of thousands of Youths and Women hawking in Anambra, Abuja and other states of the Federation.

Nwifuru who delegated two of his commissioners; Mr. Okwu Oko Udu commissioner for skill development and Jobs creation and Mr. Oguzor Nwali commissioner for commerce and industry, to meet with Ebonyians doing hawking and other Betty jobs in Anambra, said his administration is for everybody.

The governor, Nwifuru who spoke through the two commissioners; Oko-Udu and Nwali, during the Sensitization and mobilization exercise of the Citizens of the state, that took place at Onitsha, vowed to ensure that the empowerment will reach out to the targeted Citizens.

He added that his administration will ensure that the empowerment is not hijacked by the rich.

In their sperate reactions, the commissioner for skill development and Jobs creation, Okwu Oko Udu, said that the state government's empowerment most get to the targeted Ebonyi citizens hawking and doing other Betty jobs in other states of the Federation. 

"The governor's plan is to empower the citizens of the state, especially those in Anambra and other states, and the right people most receive it. We are not going to do like other people, if others have been doing dubiously, it's not going to be so again, because our governor is not a dubious person. 

"Ebonyi is going to be better, because this administration is for everybody, this is because our governor is running all inclusive government" he stated. 

Responding, the commissioner for commerce and industry, Mr. Oguzor Nwali said: "We are here in Anambra state on the instance of the state governor, Francis Nwifuru who is a youthful and pragmatic governor of the state. We are here to speak to Ebonyi citizens who are not doing meaningful jobs, especially those who are hawking and others who do Betty jobs that cannot feed their families.

"And this happens that, if there is any crime in those states they are, they will be fingered just because they are from Abakaliki. We want to end that insult on our people and the state. The governor understands the feelings of the poor, and the importance of welfare to the poor. 

"The governor wants to reach out to all of them, because he wants to empower the greater number of you that are here in Anambra and other states of the Federation. 

Oguzor condemned in totality the attitude of hijacking the empowerment that is meant for the poor by the rich; "God will not allow any of us to supervise an empowerment of the poor people and it will be hijacked by the rich" he stressed.

In a remark, Chief Moses ofeke, who spoke on-behalf of Ebonyians living in Anambra state, however applauded the governor for deciding to empower thousands of youths and women who are hawking and doing other jobs in Anambra and other states.

"It is a campaign promise fulfilled by the governor, Francis Nwifuru to empower our youths and women. We explained to the him (Nwifuru), sometimes ago on the level of sufferings by our people here in Anambra, and he said, he will train and equip them through skill acquisition" he stated.

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