Umahi Reels Out His Regrets As He Bows Out Of Office

From Maxwell Okechukwu,

The Outgoing  Executive Governor of Ebonyi state, Chief Enger David Nweze Umahi.
while  on his recently media engagement has disclosed some of his administration's regret as he wined down his eight years reign in the state.

Umahi, while live interactive program with Channels television, disclosed that his only regret  and challenge irrespective of all the mega  projects his Administration  has achieved , was neglected to build a bridge across the baundry  between Ebonyi and Cross River State, called Ndibe Beach, in AfikpoLocal Government Area, 

Recall that the bridge was among the first major projects the Governor promised the people of Afikpo North Local Government Area, that he will build  and dualize the road from Abakaliki to Afikpo before the end of his administration, which he made in his first tenure. He said it will be for the benefit of the  people in those Areas. Which will enable the two states, Ebonyi  and Cross River have easy access to each other and will create high level of social economic  development in the area. But in the end, this  has turned to story and His regrets,  just Like given a medicine to a dead person which was not given, while still breathing on till death occurred .
Again, recall that before now Afikpo North has being the second developed Local government Area in the State after Abakaliki being the State Capital city. Governor  Umahi would have considered the efforts made by  the Late Elder Dr. Akani Ibaim, during the struggle for creation of Ebonyi State and execute the  Bridge project .

Late  Dr. Akani Ibiam, fought assiduously for the creation of the State. Dr. Akani. Ibiam was the person, who attracted the  building of Leprosy hospital in Uburu, called  leprosy colony, Which made Uburu  Community  a house hold nameknown in the then, Eastern Region. 
when Dr. Akani Ibiam was made the first Governor of the then Eastern Region,  
Government secondary school Afikpo is also among 
the Foundation of his Educational back ground.

The Governor, again during his recently past electioneering campaign rally at Afikpo North testified with enthusiasm, that the Hospital built in Uburu by the Late Dr. Akanu Ibiam has helped the entire people of the community then and now. 

The Governor would had based on this gesture as same governor on his time built the Bridge as his own Legacy in remembrance to the Late Dr. Akani Ibiam. without minding any negative thought that might had hindered him from implementing the project promised  to the people of Afikpo North.

But the same government of governor Umahi, was allegedly  sold off an abandoned pontoon at Orra  beach in Ozizza Community, Afikpo North. which was given to the community in 1987 by the Federal ministry of Agriculture and water Resources, when lives of the entire community was in miserable condition. 

The pontoon while  operational was the only means connecting Ozizza Community with their closest neighbours of Igonigoni in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State.

The whole Community complained bitterly when the  Information reached to them that the government of governor Umahi alleged  purported sale of the abandoned pontoon in the  beach. Which would be disservice to them for the faculty to be disposed of in questionable circumstances without recourse to them in which  they had approached  Governor Umahi on several occasions to build a bridge across the river to enable them, for easy access to the other parts of the world through that axis but all to no avail .

The  Ozizza Community  also stated that the governor had severally promised and assured them that he would build the bridge across the river, yet  the government of Umahi has not done it, rather purportedly to sold out abandoned pontoon the only means, the Community has. 

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