Imprints Of Ebonyi Deputy Governor, Barr Eric Kelechi Eric PhD

From Godwin Ekoyo, Abakaliki

His Excellency, Barr  Eric Kelechi Igwe, PhD ran a joint ticket with Governor David Nweze Umahi under the platform of People's Democratic Party in 2015 and they won and sworn in constitutionally, on 29th May, 2015. The duo were reelected again in 2019 by Ebonyians who cherish their performance in the State laced with myriads of Infrastructural Development.

Since 2015, Barr Eric Kelechi Igwe has distinguished himself in the comity of Deputy Governors in Nigeria and carved a niche for himself in Ebonyi State politics. He has been consistent and committed in discharging his duties and ensuring that the promise they made to Ebonyians while soliciting for their vote are fulfilled. Indeed, Governor Umahi never made a mistake by choosing this shrewd legal luminary and aristocratic Intelligentsia as his running mate in 2015 and 2019 despite skirmishes against him. Umahi on fora described him, the most loyal and dedicated Deputy Governor as well as his partner and integral part of the success story in his administration.

His loyalty, humility, accommodating spirit approach to politics, magnanimity behind camera, temperament in face of provocation, Political will, disposition, intellectual prowess and lofty ideas will serve as a case study for young politicians who want to go far and as well remain a point of reference to successive Deputy Governors in Ebonyi State. 

Barr Eric Kelechi Igwe is instrumental in brokering peace between warring Communities in Ebonyi State. He employed his acumen as a legal pundit conversant in conflict resolution, reconcilation and arbitration to proffer solution to issue of community clashes in the Ebonyi State. He was at the forefront in mediating with the States having boundary issue with some community in Ebonyi like Cross-River and Benue.

Against what naysayers say against this rare bread and 21st century Politician with unparallel leadership experience and impeccable character, he has attracted the following to Ikwo Local Government Area which are subject to verification for those whose stock in trade is to malign him on media over his resolute to trumpet his benevolence act and sterling leadership achievements; 

•Onueke - Ikwo Road

•Agubia-Item Amagu Road

•Igboji-Agubia Road

•Igboji-Onuebonyi Echara Road

•Nwezenyi-Ikwo Road

•Noyo Road

•Enyibichiri-Eda Road

•Abakaliki-Funai Road

•Stability of Peace in Ikwo through several approach

•Attraction of Classroom Blocks in many Primay and Secondary Schools in Ikwo through UBEB and ETF

•Payment of School fees to uncountable Ikwo Students in Tertiary Institutions

•Payment of School fees to Law Students in the Nigeria Law School (As a lawyer, he does this annually as a way of supporting young men and women in his profession).

•Influencing the  appointment of Ikwo sons and daughters into key Political offices: Like SA, SSA, Commissioner,  Board Members and Elevation in Civil Service especially the recent appointment of Engr Chukwuma Ojeogu as Permanent Secretary.

•Empowerment of Youth through various means and facilitating Government empowerment to Ikwo Indigenes including settling of Hospital Bills of those hospitalized but having challenges to offset their bill.

•Renovation of Nwakpu and Igboji Market Etc

His Excellency Barr Eric Kelechi Igwe has done his best in his capacity. These and more are things he will be remembered for as he exit the corridor of power as Deputy Governor, Ebonyi State. Hate or love him. Believe or disagree, future holds a lot for this epitome of leadership and personification of humility.

To be continued....

Ekoyo Godwin Anuma is a
Media Aide, Office of the Deputy Governor.

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