I'll Not Revisit Past Records -Ebonyi Gov, Nwifuru Assures, As He Resumes Office

Governor Francis Nwifuru has officially resumed duty at the Governor's Office, twenty four hours after inauguration.

The resumption was preceded by a short prayer by the Bishop emeritus of Catholic  Diocese of Abakaliki, Most Reverend Dr. Michael Okoro and traditional blessing by Izhi Traditional Rulers led by Chief Fidelis Nwonumara.

Addressing the Traditional Rulers, Governor Nwifuru thanked them for their love and support to his emergence as Governor and appealed to them to keep mentoring him.

"I want to thank our Traditional Rulers immensely for their love and for understanding of leadership, I thank you very much for embarking on this journey

"I know that with your support and making yourself available that we shall do it in Jesus name, amen.

"Let me thank the Izhi Stakeholders in particular for your efforts especially during the election."

He appealled to Izhi Stakeholders to tolerate others to ensure harmonious relationship in the State.

"I enjoin you not to abuse the opportunity, talk less and do more so that you don't give the opposition the topic to talk bad about us.

"I want to plead with our people, we have made alot of sacrifes to have this State, whatever we agree with Government, please do not go back to it.

The Governor while appealing to people of Amike Aba to jettison their protest about land dealings with the past administration, assured that he will tackle the issue headlong.

"I want to assure you people that we will not even allow the people if the aim of developing that place is not done, but that doesn't mean that we will revisit what the previous administration did, if you are revisiting what the previous administration did, you will never move forward.

"The issue of dichotomy is dieing a natural death and the reason I am here is to kill that dichotomy permanently.

"I will be fair to everybody and I believe that God Almighty will be with us.

"I will discuss with Leaders of the State for us to know what we can do to promote the unity of Izhi and Ebonyi State.

"The Traditional Rulers, I want to assure you, we are in the same Journey and we are in the journey together, you started the journey and today you are here again to bless me.

"Today I am benefitting from your word of wisdom and I thank you immensely."

Right Honourable Nwifuru called on Youths to rally round him to make sure that his administration lives up to expectations.

"I want to tell the Youths, this is a challenging moment, we are now the head, the future is now in our hands, the Youths should make themselves available, you are great intellectuals, if you bring your intellectual capacity to bear we will get it right."

In a  brief reflection:  the Southeast Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Reverend Father Abraham Nwali maintained that the greatest gift to man from God is work. 

He observed that not only is an idle mind the devil's workshop, it leads to diminishing mentality and dignity, adding that a life devoid of service is not worth living.

He urged all and sundry to unite and give the needed support, prayers and cooperation to the new government for overall success of the State.

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