An Overview Of Barr. Sunday Nwankwo's Legacy Projects In Ikwo

Often, we have seen politicians who come to electorates with fake promises just to win their hearts, knowing too well that such promises cannot be kept. They deploy many techniques including propaganda, banter lies with sugar-coasted mouth greasy, and eyeservice to prove their readiness to serve the people.  Their business has been flourishing for so many years but with the arrival of Barr. Sunday Basil Nwankwo has put serious "sand for their garri." His coming has long changed the narrative and our people are fully aware of rots done by politicians in Ikwo LGA.
Many erroneously thought that Barr. Sunday Basil Nwankwo is into politics just to win the election and in the end, acquire wealth for himself. They don't know that he came into politics for their sake and the sake of their children and the next generations. The battle against FAKE politicians in Ikwo must be fought vigorously like the battle against "FAKE DRUGS" in Nigeria.  Barr. Sunday Basil Nwankwo's phenomenon is centered on humanity. Humanity is the hallmark of Nwankwo's dynasty. You can take everything away from Barr. Sunday Basil Nwankwo but don't dare humanity. Humanity means everything to him.
Below are his tracks records of excellence in IKwo LGA.
Bulldozing, Lateriting, and Grading of:
1. Igboji Junction- Ndufu Igbudu Ogagbo Road 
2. Imogo-Ogagbo Igbudu Road 
3. Amuda Igbudu Road 
4. Ofishike-Agalegu-Amagu-Ndiofoke Parish Road
5. Nwelem Bypass Road
6. Nwakpueze to Rice Mill Site Road 
7. Rice Mill Site to Chief Martin Elechi Compound Road. 
8. Triangular Rice Mill Site Road
9. Ngamgbo Guyman to Rice Mill Site Road 
10. Nwophoke Ubeh to Ugbodo Playground Road 
11. Ngamgbo Aleke Igboke Ndiakpurata Road 
12. Hon. Pascal Nworie Road
13. Edukwu Ofutuenyi Road 
14. Nwankwo Nshi Ndiodumma Road 
15. Afiauge-Ndinkashi Beach Road
16. Ugbodo-Ophie-T Junction Omege Echara Road
17. Obegu Enyibichiri-Ndiagu Noyo-Nwugota-Nweda Road
18. Ojon Ebusike Ndioffia Road
19. Ohatekwe Ukwu Mango Road, Enyibichiri Alike
20. Ndinwoyerishi Hospital Road
21. Ndiakpurata Road
22. Nwafia Noyo-Ndiogbu-Ndiofia-Ndechi Road
23. Ohatekwe Ebiaji Road
24. Onuopefia Road

Others ongoing include
25. Ekpelu-Ekawoke-Okpuitumo-Onuigberi Abaomege Road. 

Rehabilitation, Repair, and Energization of:
1. Ameka Transformer 
2. Ohankwu Transformer
3. Ndufu Alike Transformer 
4. Ndufu Echara Transformer. 
5. Ohatekwe Amagu Transformer
6. Ekpelu Village Transformer 
7. Agubia Parish Transformer
8. Girls' High School, Agubia Transformer 
9. Agubia Primary Health Centre Transformer
10. Edukwu Abina Transformer
11. Eddie Mgbabu Inyimagu Transformer
12. Ekpaomaka Transformer.
13. Provision of 130 Solar Street Lights. 

1. Drilling of motorized Boreholes 
2. Repair and Maintenance of 46 Boreholes across the Council. 
3. Construction of water Dam at Ugbodo Echialike. 

Barr. Nwankwo is on the verge of creating a very big history in Ikwo LGA. A history that is expected to outlive him. He has already started it 
Let's join hands with Hon. Barr. Sunday Basil Nwankwo and move Ikwo forward. With him, Ikwo shall work again!

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