Puncturing The Lies Of Failed Opposition Elements In Onicha Local Government

From Chidiebere Agwu, 

Following successful conclusion of the Governorship and State Assembly elections in Ebonyi State, and in Onicha Local Government Area in particular, I, Hon. Chidiebere Uzor Agwu, Executive Chairman, Onicha LGA, feel highly obligated to appreciate and commend the APC family and all supporters of our party in Onicha LGA, for voting for the candidates of our great party, (APC) during the elections. This was inspite of the gang-ups, intimidation and harassment from the agents of the failed Governorship candidate of the PDP and his allies in Labour Party. 

We are very grateful to God Almighty that our Governorship candidate, Rt.Hon.Chief Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru, won the election, winning convincingly in 10 LGAs out of the 13 LGAs of the state. The spread of his victory is indicative of his acceptance as the generally accepted EQUITY candidate in the elections.

Our brothers and sisters in PDP and LP who teamed up against us, thinking erroneously, that deploying all manner of violence to win Onicha LGA was all they needed to truncate the existing power rotation in the State, and clinch the Governorship, can now see the futility of fighting against equity, justice and fairness. THEY All LABOURED IN VAIN.

Having lost woefully in the entire elections, the opposition elements in Onicha LGA are understandably angry, hopeless and frustrated. Pitiably confused of next line of action, they have now resorted to smearing my name as their only consolation. This explains why they have made fruitless efforts to link me to the unfortunate violence which led to the murder of one Oyibo Nwani, an agent of Action Alliance (AA) who was killed by yet to be identified persons at Amautu Town Hall polling unit and destruction of some people's houses and other properties on the election day.

I condemn, very strongly, the gruesome murder of the young man, and  i wish to use this opportunity to commiserate with the immediate family, the people of Amautu and the entire Onicha Igboeze Clan over his loss.

Also, I will like to use this opportunity to VERY HONESTLY state that I have no hand in the violence that erupted at the Polling Unit which led to the death of Oyibo Nwani, and that i was not at the polling unit when the incident occurred, and that i did not send anybody to the polling unit, as had been carelessly and maliciously alleged by the opposition elements in Onicha.

 Therefore, all the PDP and LP members who have been writing rubbish, accusing me of masterminding the killing of Oyibo without hearing from me, should prepare to provide enough evidence to substantiate their criminal allegations against me when called upon, as I am prepared to get to the root of this matter. 

In the meantime, I wish to assure the family of Oyibo,  my good people of Amautu, and Onicha Igboeze in general that I will give every necessary support and assistance to the security agencies to ensure proper investigation, arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Hon. Chidiebere Uzor Agwu, is the
Executive Chairman, Onicha Local Government Area.

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