Leader Must Be A Man Of Sacrifices— Prophet Jeremiah Compares Tinubu From Peter Obi

By Joyce Onuora, Abakaliki

Prophet Jeremiah Prince Okoye of City of Grace Royal Assembly Church has described Tinubu as a man of sacrifice while Peter Obi is a man of integrity, and he reveals that a man of sacrifice easily get what he want.

 Prophet therefore said a man who controls power must be a man of sacrifice, because only it's sacrifices  that can silent every voices.

Prophet Jeremiah Okoye said this while preaching on important of sacrifice on Sunday at city of Grace Royal Assembly Church Abakaliki.

 He said a leader must be a man of sacrifices for him to succeed and achieve it's aims in life.

He  illustrated that difference between Tinubu and Peter Obi is sacrifices , that Tinubu values sacrifices in other to get what he wants while Peter Obi is not a sacrificial type.

Prophet Okoye advised christians not to fight or staged a war with a man of sacrifice because definitely them will loose the battle.

 Prophet, however, charges christians to identify with the alter backing them in life, adding that alters matters what happens to you, whether alter of God or Satan, because the alter you belongs will guarantees your protection or safety.

"Alter is a place of settlement or place of safety, how strong your alter is determine how far you goes in life because alters is very important in life"
Muslim faithful pray five times in a day and they values sacrifices, each of there prayers comes with sacrifice for them to benefits for future purpose but we christians find it difficult to pray and don't care about alter sacrifice"

" It's hard to win a man under convanant with God, due to his alter always speak for him"

"Sacrifice is only voice that can speak for you when your voices not heard" 
" Poverty does not hear holy ghost fire, but the only thing takes poverty away is sacrifice" Prophet Okoye said.

Prophet  also revealed that he sees low turnout for  Governorship election on Saturday due to fear, what happened on Presidential election manate from rigging and People's vote wasn't count, while he urged Ebonyians to pray over coming Saturday election against bloodbath and for peaceful  election come March 11.

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