Ezzagu Carnage: Ebonyi APC Fingers Odoh, APGA As Mastermind

At about 4:30pm, Saturday; Nigerian time, Odoh, the desperate and desperado gubernatorial candidate of APGA in Ebonyi State unleashed his rabid attack dogs who wielded AK-47 rifles and other war arms and ammunition on innocent armless APC members holding their political meetings in Ezzagu Ward of Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. They killed, critically injured others and set vehicles ablaze in a blatant perpetration of arson which is a heinous crime in the Nigerian legal system.

Odoh and his rag-tag Ebonyi APGA with their terrorist gang have vindicated the Ebonyi APC that they are masterminds of all the attacks and killings in Ebonyi State, including the ones on themselves which they arrange just to discredit the Ebonyi State Government, sacrificing innocent lives in the process. The question bugging the minds of every Ebonyian and indeed Nigerians is; why is Odoh so desperate to become what he knows he will never become to the point that he and his Ebonyi APGA have no regards for human lives anymore? His nemesis has come.

Odoh knows he is a loser; a serial failure. Hence, he resorts to violence to create a scenario of insecurity in Ebonyi State and blame it on Ebonyi State Government as usual. His game plan is to drag Ebonyi APC into a battle of guns and capitalize on it to call for a state of emergency in Ebonyi State. We know him and his political shenanigans; and we know the best way to ensure he failed as he had always failed and fallen like a pack of cards. 

Ebonyi APC is a composition of civilized people. It is for this reason that we won't be dragged into war with Odoh, APGA and their misguided mkpurumiri gangsters. Hence, we toe as always; the legitimate path. On the strength of our resolve, we the State Working Committee of the APC, Ebonyi State, call on the new commissioner of police to see this attack under his watch as an acid test of the stuff he is made of. The new CP had on his assumption of duty assured Ebonyians that he will carry out his duties devoid of fear or favour. The time has come for him to do it. We also call on the DSS to get to the roots and lift the veil of a masquerading Odoh and that of his trigger happy boys and bring them to justice.

The Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency, Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi as Chief Security Officer of the State cannot be tirelessly doing everything humanly possible to ensure that Ebonyi State remained peaceful, particularly this election period, whilst Odoh and his gang of desperados keep subverting his efforts. We won't tolerate that. We condemn this attack in its entirety and we call on the police, the DSS and other security agencies to swing into action. How the new CP handles this matter will either reinforce or rubbish his mission statement. We are watching!

While our hearts go out in condolences to the families of the dead, we wish the critically injured who are presently hospitalized; quick recovery. Odoh and his Ebonyi APGA should know that power comes from God and not from betrayals, gossips and violence. He should also know that Ebonyi State is not Anambra State where APGA is rooted. Therefore, his party cannot win any election in Ebonyi State. All these things he is doing won't take him anywhere. He lacks the integrity to be trusted by anybody, including those who claim to be following him. 

Imagine a guber candidate who has a presidential candidate on the platform of his party, but he is working for the presidential candidate of another political party. 
Yes; Odoh is working for Peter Obi of Labour Party against Prof. Peter Umeadi, the presidential candidate of APGA. How can anybody trust such a crook. If APGA had no presidential candidate it would had been understandable, but this is a political party that has a presidential flag bearer. Instead of campaigning for him in Ebonyi State, treacherous Odoh campaigns for Obi of LP. How can such a character be trusted. He is perfidy personified.

While we wait for security agencies to do their job, it is imperative that we warn Odoh and his gang that should there be a repeat of this type of attack on our members, we shall not fold our arms. We shall defend our members. No one has a monopoly of violence. He should heed this warning or regret his bravado. He should ignore this warning at his own peril. Governor Umahi won't be deterred in his avowed determination to fight insecurity in Ebonyi State and ensure peaceful co-existence of all Ebonyians regardless of party and political affiliations. We shall continue to support him for the betterment of our dear State.


 APC State Working Committee Members.
Ebonyi State

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