2023: Nwifuru Didn't Threaten Ezza Clan

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

The alleged threat to Ezza Clan by the speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, have continued to elicit varying reactions from politicians from the clan.

Nwifuru, who is also the Gubernatorial standard bearer of the All Progressives Congress APC, in the state was said to have threatened the Ezza Clan that they will regret if they failed to vote him come March 11, gubernatorial and State Assembly elections in the state. A comment his accusers said he made during a rally at onueke, Wednesday.

In a swift reaction, the National Converner of an advocacy group "Turn-By-Turn Initiatives", Ebonyi State, Comrade Ben Nworie, said, they was never a time that Nwifuru threatened Ezza Clan. His statement reads in full;

"We have observed with dismay the diversionary and misconstrued interpretation of the concerns raised by the APC governorship candidate, Hon. Francis Nwifuru during a campaign rally at Onueke on Friday.

"It is pertinent therefore to correct the wrong impression created in some section of the media, quoting Nwifuru to have threatened Ezza clan that they will regret if they didn't vote for him during the forthcoming general election.

"In the trending negative reports, the right judgment of the Governorship candidate was buried, as he actually meant that the expectation of Ezza clan becoming the governor in 2031 may be jeopardized if they clan fails to support the victory of the APC in 2023.

"Nwifuru's permutation is that if Ezza clan didn't vote for APC, it may be difficult for them to occupy the governorship after the incoming dispensation.

"Ezza clan is comfortable with the aspiration of Nwifuru as the governorship candidate of APC and he has openly said that he will accommodate Ezza clan for the Speakership position for inclusive governance.

"We are not deterred by the negative interpretations of the genuine concerns raised by the Speaker of Ebonyi House of Assembly on how Ezza clan should position herself to occupy the office of the governor in 2031.

"Without mincing words, it's the turn of Ebonyi North to Succeed the incumbent Governor, David Umahi, so as to pave for Ebonyi Central in 2031, which will possibly favour Ezza agenda.

"Therefore, we reject all negative imputations that tend to pitch the respected Ezza clan against the governorship candidate of the APC, Nwifuru.

"We urge all Ebonyians particularly the sons and daughters of Ezza clan to be wary of detractors or opposition elements to disregard the diversionary and poorly interpreted concerns of the future political prospects of Ezza clan.

"Ezza people are solidly behind the aspirations of Ebonyi APC governorship candidate and we will massively vote for him without any fear of intimidations".

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