2023: Ezza Clan 'll Vote For Nwifuru, APC, Says Group

A group, known as Turn-By-Turn Initiative has assured that Ezza Clan, which is the most populous clan in Ebonyi State will vote massively for the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Chief Francis Nwifuru in the forthcoming general election.

The group noted that Ezza people have become more politically conscious that they will have to support the wining team as a way of negotiating power after the completion of the tenure of Ebonyi North zone in 2031.

The National Convener of the group, Comrade Ben Nworie noted that it was a deep thought of the populous clan to adopt Nwifuru as their sole candidate in other to be relevant and strategic in the next administration.

Nworie emphasized that it was erroneous for some people to claim that power should shift to Abakaliki bloc instead of Ebonyi North zone.

He said: "politically, there's nothing like Abakaliki bloc. What we have is Ebonyi North, Ebonyi Central and Ebonyi South. It is erroneous for anyone to say that power will shift to Abakaliki. We will resist such imaginary political formation. It is against the people of Umuekumenyi".

"Assuming without conceding thag power should shift to Abakaliki bloc, it therefore implies that power will begin to rotate between Ebonyi South and Abakaliki bloc. That is injustice that must not be allowed to see the light of the day. We believe in Turn by turn among the three senatorial zone in the rotational sequence it started in 1999".

"Ezza clan will support APC governorship candidate, Chief Francis Nwifuru because his chances of victory are bright. We can not support power shift to the North and still support a weak candidate. Among all the contestants from Ebonyi North, particularly Izzi clan, Chief Nwifuru has higher prospects and indications to win".

"We made these resolutions also bearing in mind that an Ezza man is a governorship candidate and deputy governorship candidate of other parties. But in politics, what is Paramount is victory and not sentiment. When it get the turn of Ebonyi Central, we shall come with full force anchored on justice, fairness and equity to demand for the position".

"It was in the past that Ezza people support anyone without factoring the chances of victory. We have become wiser and more elightened and Ezza clan will prove that in 2023. If it was a mistake, we shall correct it this time around, the National convener said.

Nworie, who is also media expert also called on other professionals to sensitize the electorate on why not only that power should go to Ebonyi North but the ambition of Nwifuru should be supported.

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