Opinion; Unveiling The Ebonyi APC Campaign DG And The Certainty Of 2023 Victory

From Innocent Ojukwu,

As the 2023 General Elections draw closer, serious political parties have taken calculated steps and actions directed at securing victory in the polls, one such step is the constitution of their Campaign Councils and its Directorates. 

As a demonstration of her clear and unequivocal preparedness for victory at the polls, the Ebonyi State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress ( APC ) have taken this all important step of constituting her Campaign Council with notable, tested and dogged politicians.

Great care is always deployed in politics when selecting members of important committees, as not to fall prey to men who fell Iroko trees with their mouths. In situations like that, antecedents play pivotal roles, as a man is known through his antecedents and not mere words, which are cheap. 

To head the Ebonyi State APC Campaign Council therefore as Director General, the Party selected an ebullient, workaholic and revered party administrator and leader with a sterling record of accomplishments in the private and public sectors. I refer to non other than His Excellency, Deacon Austin Umahi ( Anyanwu Ndigbo ) the Former National Vice Chairman of the soon to be defunct party, the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ). 

A trained Accountant and a meticulous organizer of men and materials, Deacon Austin Umahi, confronts every task or challenge with an uncommon pertinacity that results to success and victory. A case in point is the success that he recorded as the National Vice Chairman and South East Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

In May 2016, Deacon Austin Umahi inherited a Party in disarray that seemed incapable of recovery. Infact, many believed that the life in the Party at the time was the last throes of death. The reasons for the dreary conclusion were the  loss of the Presidential Election by the Party, the leadership crisis that ensued thereafter in the Party and the general loss of confidence in the Party by members, especially in the South East which led to a gale of defections.

From the day Deacon Austin Umahi assumed the reins of office, he charted a new direction anchored on integrity, inclusiveness, observance of due process, fiscal transparency and genuine reconciliation. He reached out to Party leaders, groups and interests, making his years in the office remarkable for the resurgence of consultation, consensus in decision making, negotiations and a culture of dialogue, elements that were conspicuously missing in the old PDP and that have long disappeared  following Deacon Umahi's exit from PDP in 2020 in protest to the obvious intention of the PDP not to zone her Presidential slot to the South East. Truth be told, the PDP died in the South East with the exit of Anyanwu Ndigbo.

Deacon Austin Umahi's open door policy while in office gave birth to a United PDP as his policies left no room for crisis, internal wrangling or disagreement of any form thus the Party posted an excellent performance in the Zone in the 2019 General elections by recording 100% victory in the Gubernatorial seats contested for as well as in the National and State Assembly Elections. 

As the Director General of the Ebonyi State All Progressives Congress (APC) Campaign Council, Deacon Austin Umahi will bring his sagacity, hardwork, sincerity, inclusiveness, transparency in the distribution and disbursement of elections logistics and genuine consensus building to bear. His solid antecedents speaks volumes of his capacity and the certainly of landslide victory in all the elections for the Party. Indeed, Ochiagha Ndigbo is a round peg in a round hole.  To serve in the Campaign Team as the Secretary General is Hon. Chief Clement Nweke ( Ugomba) a veteran politician.

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