Edda Carnage: If I Were Barr Eni

The unfortunate incident of murder and arson at Ekoli Edda in Afikpo South local government area of Ebonyi on the 26th day of December, 2022 traceable to the political difference between two brothers (State APC Chairman, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha and the party's House of Representatives candidate Barr Eni Uduma Chima) from the same area was unwarranted and least expected at this time. 

Since the devastating story started circulating with different accounts coming from different quarters, I have come to a logical conclusion that the carnage was totally uncalled for considering the fact that the people in the eyes of the storm are brothers, in the same political party and with different positions. One is a substantive Chairman and the other is a candidate in the forthcoming general elections. 

Come to think of it, Eni who is standing election barely two months from now supposed to not have imagined the catastrophic and vote depicting exercise he sponsored not minding his age long relationship with the APC chairman who unarguably either directly or indirectly gave him his ticket. As a candidate, Eni would have swept all their differences under the carpet to clinch the people's mandate by being absolutely loyal to the man whose his electoral victory to every large extent lies in his hands.   
Analyzing the incidence from the prism that Barr Eni was angered because he was not part of the consultative meeting which Chief Emegha had with the Traditional Rulers, Town Union Executives, Edda General Assembly among other stakeholders, no one can dismiss with the wave of hand that  Eni's performance in the forthcoming polls will not also rub off on  Governor David Umahi's interest as the senatorial candidate in the zone. 

Considering the fact that Chief Emegha is duty bound to make sure that his principal who is Governor David Nweze Umahi wins his Senatorial zone and also the level of illiteracy amongst the electorate, you will agree with me that it will be practically impossible to scheme out Eni's interest since their elections will hold simultaneously. The question is ' can Emegha just because of Eni allow Umahi to lose Edda? I think your guess is as good as mine. 

I am deeply worried that Eni's could not deploy intelligence and wisdom as a Ph.D holder in law to avert the carnage, barbaric and inhuman act he melted on his own people whom he claimed to have led as Local Government Chairman and house of Assembly member in the past. With my emotion overwhelming me even as I write, I wish to ask the following questions: 

is Eni blood tasty?
is he desperate?
if he loses election will Edda people go into extinction?
is he going to represent whose interest at the national assembly?
has he not been so fortunate in leadership?
is he envious of Emegha's towering influence? 
why setting Emegha's house ablaze?
why shooting sporadically at his convoy? 
does Eni want Emegha's head like the numerous others he killed while in power? 
is Eni above the laws of the land?
is Emegha contesting election? 
will it not be bad that the Chairman will loss election in his home town? 
is party no longer supreme? 

Another source confirmed that despite the heightened provocation or assassination attempt, Emegha in his wisdom and security proficiency asked his aides to stand down and not to exchange gunfire with the serial killers employed by Eni when they were sporadically shooting at his convoy. This order helped to reduce the number of causalities that would have been recorded. 

"If I were Barr Eni, I would have purged myself of arrogance, foolishness, thuggery and pride by being totally loyal just to win the election since Emegha did not  remember to mess him up when he had the opportunity. A wise man would have waited to win the election before visiting his self acclaimed enemies with terror. By this singular act of attacking his brother and Chairman cum some many others, Eni is nothing but huge thorn on the flesh of Edda people and humanity.  


I wish to suggest as follows:

Governor David Umahi as the security of the people should expedite action and bring whosever that is the culprit and his accomplices to book. 

Chief Francis Nwifuru who is the party's Governorship candidate among others should know that the outcome of this well calculated crisis will rub off on their electoral performance if not properly handled. 

We need peace and development  in Edda land and not calamities orchestrated by man.

I am Chief Jerry Ama Nkama

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