2023; Why Nwifuru Is The Best Choice For Ebonyi People As Next Governor

The electorates in Ebonyi state just like their counterparts in most other states in Nigeria will be trooping out in February 2023 to elect a new Governor for the state who will takeover from the incumbent Governor of the state, Engr. David Umahi come May 29th, 2023.
Ebonyi State electorates are faced with daunting yet simple task of sieving from the plethora of gubernatorial candidate flying the guber tickets of different political parties in the state and electing the best man to lead them for four years from May 29th 2023.

At the last count more than 10 guber candidates are jostling for the number one Chief Executive seat in the state. These candidates are bringing to the table varied credentials, claims, past records in public and private life and in some cases not so enviable political baggage and for some, past life and means of mega weath enshrouded in mystery.

However the guber candidate of APC in the state who is also the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru stands head and shoulder above other candidates in the same for the reasons I will adduce below and more

As a young man in whom there is no guile, Nwifuru who is a three time member of the state House of Assembly representing Izzi West Constituency has led an Ebonyi House of Assembly that has been forthrightly, stoically and dependably behind the nationally and internationally acclaimed success story of the current administration in the state in the delivery of its mandate to the people of the State. For the two terms of Umahi steering the ship of the state to what is now a story of phenomenal success in governance, Rt. Hon. Nwifuru led a House of Assembly that have been devoid of rancour and other self-serving pursuit that would have distracted the leadership of the state and derailed the impactful governance we're experiencing presently under Engr. David Umahi. Suffix it to say that there is no other person on earth who stands in a better position to deploy the machinery of statecraft more appropriately to consolidate on the achievements of the present than Rt. Hon. Nwifuru. 

If Ebonyians really want to consolidate on the quantum leap we've made as a people who were once derided, deprived and derogated we must all choose the acolyte of the Chief Architect of our developmental strides and trajectory in the person of Rt Hon. Francis Nwifuru. Nwifuru has been with Engr David Umahi right from his days as the Chairman of PDP in the state and has consciously and unconsciously understudied his penchant for frugality in management of material resources and other hidden and conspicuous qualities that makes Umahi thick and will rightly deploy same in furthering our story of success in all areas of development.

Rt. Hon Nwifuru, the gubernatorial candidate of APC is also a better choice for the electorates come February 2023 given his avowed stance that Ebonyi State government under his leadership will give the education sector in the state a lionized share of investment. It was during the presentation of the gubernatorial flag to him at the Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium a fortnight ago when  the flag off of the presidential campaign in the state was held that he broke the heartening news to the delight of APC supporters. What really made the most impression on me and on most people who were among the mammoth crowd of APC supporters that besieged the Pa Ngele Oruta Township Stadium on that day was that to underline how passionate he was about bringing about the desired change in the education sector in the state, he promised that his biological children and that of every top government official under his government will school in public schools. Nwifuru is not a man given to not living up to his words hence we know that his reign as the governor of the state will bring about the critical investment in the education sector especially in primary and post primary schools which is the bedrock of the future development in any given society.

Nwifuru is also the best choice as the Governor of the state in the next dispensation because his administration will consolidate on the human development investment of the present administration in the state. 

He has promised that his government will be humane, pro-people, considerate, empathic and driven by the zeal to bring succour and help to the citizenry where it matters most. 
Nwifuru government will keep its fingers ever on the pulse of the people to gauge the areas of its most dire needs and provide the needed balm of healing and development most expeditiously
4. Since the inception of the present democratic dispensation in the country in 1999, Ebonyi State has consciously made sure that justice, equity, fair play come into play in the issue of who becomes the Governor of the state. The first Executive Governor of the state was Senator Sam Egwu. He is Ebonyi North (Ohaukwu LGA). He steered the ship of the state for eight years. The second Governor of the state was Chief Martin Elechi. He is from Ebonyi Central (Ikwo LGA) He also ruled the state for eight years. The third and present Governor is Engr David Umahi Is from Ebonyi South Senatorial Zone (Ohaozara LGA) and by May 29th 2022 he will be eight in office. By May 29th 2023 it will be the turn of the North Senatorial Zone to produce the next Governor of the state and Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is not a bad choice given some of the factors mentioned above and others which has marked him out as the best man for the job.
Some people have been advocating the jaundiced idea that the the rotational governorship model practiced in the state is not etched in any written law. But the apt question is, is it every human conduct that is written down in law?
Most conducts of humans that have promoted advancement and development are all etched in convention not in law. The convention of rotational governorship slots have worked so far for Ebonyi state and made for rapid development of the state and also created a sense of equity, balance, harmony and peaceful coexistence and Ebonyians won't jettison it at this juncture.
Nwifuru is from Ebonyi North Senatorial Zone and the most qualified candidate presently from that zone. He also commands greatest followership from every part of the state.
He is the choice of the people and by the grace of God will be elected and returned the Governor of Ebonyi State by February 2023.
To God be the glory.

.... Ebonyi State APC Campaign Council ( Directorate of New Media)

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