Opinion: The Man, Hon. Comrade Chinedu Ogah, OON

Who is that humble man that deserves our support in the office of Ikwo/ Ezza South federal constituency at the National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria come 2923 general elections? 

The humble man is Honourable Comrade Chinedu Ogah, OON. Unarguably,  he is the answer come 2023 . He is the answer because he can't steal our gold without feedback. We trusted him because he is unselfish and unsparing in all spheres of life.  What a true democrat who wishes for the continuance of the support of the youths from his constituency and across the state at large. 

As a right wing person who normally promotes the ability of the individuals to participate in the civil and political life without fear of discrimination or repression of any kind. He is a leader that brought about physiological changes. 

A leader must be physiological and not pathological. Physiological in the sense that the leader must care for the normal healthful functioning of his or followers, while pathological in the sense that the leader must not introduce sickness or deficiencies to the normal healthful functioning of his or her followers. 

 At this point, it may interest you to know that bad leadership is pathological and it also get retrogressed, while effective representation or good leadership is physiological and it doesn't retrogress. 

Equally, I recalled that physiological changes in pregnancy entails a normal process in response to the development of the foetus which includes hormonal changes, increase in total blood volume, weight gain, and increase in foetus size as the pregnancy progresses, while pathological changes in pregnancy does not in any manner contribute the  above mentioned factors or processes in response to the development of the unborn child. I, therefore quote that is bad leadership is pathological and as such to say also that it is too detrimental to health. This is due to the fact that poor leadership doesn't promote, but entails destroying the future. While good leadership models the way ! OON is the way! Let him continue his good and quality leadership at National Assembly. 

Fredrick Ogah writes from Owerri..

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