Opinion; When Excellence Become A Culture, Success is guaranteed

By Odoh Ben

When excellence becomes a lifestyle, promotions become a daily occurrence.

When excellence becomes a lifestyle, virtues, values that build up society and organisations become the norm, and constant damage control is reduced.

Excellence is easy to adopt when it is clearly understood, for to the discerning mind, excellence simply means the quality of being exceptionally good at any task. Some would say it means to be "One of a kind."

To practise excellence to the point that it becomes a lifestyle, we must deliberately handle every task as if it were our last. We must deliberately give everything a splendid touch. We must do this starting from today, continuing tomorrow and doing it all the rest of our lives.

Today, wash that car to be spotless, listen to every detail on that report and you who is a student, go the extra mile in educating and enlightening your mind.

Developing excellence although costly, has the best long term results. If you think excellence is costly, try mediocrity. 

Dr Odoh Ben is the Special Assistant to Governor David Umahi, Deputy Governor's office.

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