Formulate Strong Media/PR Policy, Expert Charges Chairmen Elect.

Chairmen and Councillors Elect in Ebonyi State have been urged to formulate a strong media policy to enhance mutual understanding between them, their subjects and other stakeholders in government.

The admonition was given by the Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on Media and Strategy, Chooks Oko, Thursday while delivering a paper at the ongoing training for the council leaders in Abakaliki.

Oko, in the lecture titled "Information Management and Effective Use of Media", stated that information was key to survival of any government or institution, stressing that mismanaged information could result to unintended disaster.

He admonished the Council Leaders against the use of abusive words, insults and inflammatory statements in exchanging information with their subjects.

While admonishing them to always be conscious of their audience at any given time; their feelings and feedback, Oko stressed the need for the chairmen to engage professionals in public relations and  information management.

Oko elaborated:"I encourage you to sit down and formulate a PR/Media policy if you have not done so.

"Ask yourself: how do I want to be perceived? How do I want to appear in public? What do I do to let them know that a new order is here? 

"All such matters of perception when they are taken, are taken with the privy of your image manager, or you brief him/her once appointed. 

"You must always be conscious of your audience before you engage. 

"There is no such thing as "you know how I talk or how I behave" in this case. 

"If you must be the ideal leader as you have been taught these few days, you must allow your audience shape your communication skills at all times. 

"Always resist the temptation to talk down on your audience or speak with arrogance."

Oko further implored the Chairmen and Councilors to develop and exude basic characteristics of confidence, eloquence, charm, empathy, knowledge of object of discuss and a desired objective which, according to him, are needed tools for effective communication.

"When you receive information, it is pertinent to go over it carefully to ensure the intended meaning is not lost on you. 

"Misunderstanding of received message has led to wars, intractable differences, loss of vital relationships and entrenched negative positions. 

"Please take time to decode your messages so as to get the intended meanings" Oko added.

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