Iyiodu Bridge; A Legacy Project Of Chief Ike Cletus Nga

The good people of Ameke Ishiagu has once again extended their yearly thanks to Chief Nga for constructing Iyiodu bridge for the community. This was made known by to us by one of the village leader, Ikechukwu Joseph, who described the project as a lasting legacy.

The major occupation of our people is farming and this is predominantly done during the rainy season. Iyioji stream is one of the major tributaries of Ikë river and when there is heavy rainfall, the stream becomes impassable thereby cutting off the villagers from accessing their farmstead. Even during the dry season, evacuation of farm produce becomes a concern to the farmers as the same issue persisted.

Chief Nga when told of it swung into action. As a Town Union President, he made reasonable efforts to the then authorities and when help was not forthcoming, he deployed all necessary arsenal to ensure that the bridge is a reality. Today the bridge is a signpost of excellence as the community people now have unfettered access to their farmsteads. 

These and many more are why the good people of Ishiagu in Ivo LGA are clamouring that the Ivo LGA Chairmanship position that was zoned to Ishiagu should be given to someone who knows the true need of the people.  Chief Nga is the most qualified candidate for the position and if given to him, the people will rejoice.

Support Chief Ike Cletus Nga for Ivo LG Council Chairman. He is the best among equal.

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