Ugwu-Agu Autonomous Community Elects New Traditional Ruler

By Eluu Okechukwu.

Following the peaceful screening of 3 credible candidates, who stood out for the  election at the Amaizu town Hall, on the 19th of May 2022. to be  elected as  the  Izu-Agu 2 of  Ugwu-Agu. Autonomous Community, traditional  ruler,  Chief Patrick  Oko Agha.  Immege the winner.
A retired  Civil  servants,   formal  chairman  of  Amaizu  progressive  union. and other  Chieftaincy  titles .

The  Okabue (the chief Judge)  of Amaizu.
Iche  Joseph  Egwu Oko . 

While addressing Newsmen shortly after the election, express joy to the  entire people of the community, mostly the chairman, Afikpo North Local Government Council .
Barr. Oby Okoenyim.On their efforts  to making  the Election free, fair and credible.
State's " It has been  a common saying  that says, to  every thing  there is a time, nor matter how difficult it may,  when  the assure time comes it will be as easy as possible to come to pass.

" added, the Ugwu -Agu Autonomous Community Eze-ogo's  election  is an example.

After the death of , Late HRH. John Obenie Ekuma.
the Izu-egu 1 of Ugwu-Agu. Autonomous Community, Afikpo, in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. 

Over one year of his death, and his death honour has  completely elaps    

The  Autonomous Community which is made up of  two major villages,  Ugwu-agu Elu and Ugwu-agu Agbor, has decided  following   the rotational system adoption in  selecting our  traditional rulers , 

which Ugwu-agu Elu was the first to produce  the  late . John Ekuma. the Izu-Agu 1 of the Communcity.

Following  the mutual  understanding among us is  the turn of Ugwu-Agu Agbor, precisely Amaizu, to present a person , who will succeed the Late John Ekuma.

disclosed that  "enitially along  the line was as if it will  not be possible, when  some  group of people  which for reasons with held their names, who wished they  can use power tussles to  hinder  the coexisting peace  of  the  community when organising 
the  Election.   

"but by the peaceful god of the land.and  interventions of Amaizu Ekpu-uke Essa traditional council of Elders with the assistance of the Ebonyi  State Commissioner of  Local Government and  Chieftaincy matters. 
Chief. Hon.Donatus Odii arrest the ugly attempted situation, 
using  every peaceful efforts to make the election which Chief Patrick Oko Agha   has immerged  the winner. 

following  the Instructions of the  Executive Chairman, Afikpo North  Local Government Council .
Barr. Mrs. Oby  okoenyim and the state Government Council of Elders order.
Which very soon the Community would  call for his coronation.."

The Elected HRH Eze-ogo  patrick , in his acceptance speech showed expression and gratitude,to those  who contributed Immensely  for his victory. Mostly all the State Government functionaries Stakeholders.
 And promised to server his with fear the of God which the Ultar most  goal of Electing   him , in truth and transparency 
 Urge those that contested with him  to support inorder for them  to work together to achieve  a good lay down Legacy in the Community.

Others who expressed their gratitude are 
Hon. Uche Uro.formal counselor, Ugwu- Agu Autonomous  Community and the Secretary  Amaizu progressive Union.

Essa Iheanyi Agha  ISu.
Who described the Eze-ogo elect as a man of integrity   and of his words.
Said, with the position, he can do well because he has been the chairman, of Amaizu progressive union for many years, and did  well in handling the affairs of Amaizu.

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