Nigeria Will Be In Trouble If We Fail To Get It Right In 2023 - Dr Peter Okey

Dr Peter Okey, an aspirant for Ezza North/ Ishielu Federal Constituency, under the platform of the People's Democratic Party, (PDP) says in this exclusive interview with Eye witness reports that the Country would be in trouble, if incompetent people emerge into leadership position in 2023.

He equally speaks on his expectations ahead of the PDP primary elections,  his views concerning zoning at the National and State level, saying that he believes competence, integrity and visionary leadership should be the primary yardsticks for leadership in the Country, as much as zoning is considered for the interest of the minority.

Ebonyi Times reporter- You just left your ward party Secretariat, we'll like to know the few things that transpired there.

Dr Okey - "I went to see the PDP statutory delegates from Ishielu Local Government Area, to seek for their support towards my mission to represent Ezza North Ishielu Federal Constituency,
"We are preparing for the primary election which is coming shortly, so I went to make consultations with the delegates.

"Nigeria is currently at a cross road, we see that Nigeria is a giant of Africa but unfortunately our development and progress has been hampered by bad leadership, incompetent leaders that we've been electing to represent us, many of us are disappointed.

"Nigeria needs true leadership and competent representation, I think I can contribute to law making to the development of this Country through the National Assembly and Also give good representation for my people. 

"I've toured round the two Local Government Areas and I've seen the challenges there, lack of development, unemployment rate all over the place, we need intelligent, competent and skilled people into leadership position to be able to provide good leadership to our people, that's the basis.

Ebonyi Times reporter- - Do you believe in Zoning?

Dr Okey - "It is difficult to answer, but I'll answer that in two ways, yes and no, to be fair, I believe in true leadership, I believe in good governance, I believe in competence and capacity, I believe that it is through this ingredients that our people would get good governance, therefore, competence, integrity, Visionary leadership should be the primary thing and these are the primary yardsticks for leadership in other Countries, and I'm sure that's what many Nigerians wants, but at the same time, we have to look at the reality on ground, which is given the complexity we have in our society, zoning is something that has some advantages and disadvantages, in some respects, zoning is useful, because at the end of the day, Democracy is not just about the majority but also about protecting the minority people, which means the zoning system has some advantages because it carters for the different sections of the Country and make sure that there's inclusiveness for different geographical aspects, but I don't believe that zoning should be the main yardsticks for elections, and if we break it down to my Constituency, I would say that zoning should be a factor to consider, but I think credibility, competence, visionary leadership should be also important, but I think that can also be built in with zoning, to make sure that it is not only the majority that gets into power but also the minority, but in this case for example, we have an arrangement on ground within Ezza North Ishielu, perhaps not written, but the power rotates between the two Local Government Areas, and Ishielu Local Government has the right to demand for it's right to represent the people.

Ebonyi Times reporter - What is your plan for people to get to know you and buy into your ideas?

"Politically I'm not new in the State, I've worked for development in Ebonyi State right from it's creation in 1996, I was involved in the old Enugu State under the federated Abakaliki union, I've contested a councilorship position as a medical student in my community, and in 2019 elections, I also participated for the house of Assembly, I've been in touch with the local people and the Stakeholders, working towards building our party, supporting the PDP to provide good governance for our Country, I have a good media relationship and in the next couple of weeks,  you will see what would happen.

I'm calling on the press to also work towards the good of our people, because if we don't get it right in 2023 then we are trouble as a country, and I think the media has a very powerful role, bit just advertising or selling me out to the people, but also educating them, not about money politics, we all need to educate our people to make sure that 2023 only credible leaders take over the in this Country".

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