The Ebonyi Dream: A Blueprint Developed By Engr. Elias N. Mbam

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt  " We need leaders of inspired idealism, leaders to whom are granted great visions, who dream greatly and strive to make their dreams come true;  who can kindle the people with the fire from their own burning souls. "  

In the light of the above,  leaders must have vision well crafted and embedded in their pursuit to lead the people. Leaders without vision are very grave danger waiting to happen. 

Vision therefore is synonymous with leadership. Some people swear by it;  others  think it is a waste of time. But what exactly, is it  and how can it be employed?

Vision, quite simply, is a way of spelling out for your listeners  " the big picture, "  to help them understand the effort in which they are engaged  and so win their  " buy in.  " 

This is precisely, what Engr Elias Mbam is bringing to the table for Ebonyi people to buy into his quest for governor of Ebonyi State come 2023. He is coming to help his people and salvage them from poverty and degradation.

I was personally touched by a striking statement made by Engr Elias Mbam when he said  " nobody knows the State more than myself . " And I said to myself that this man meant business because you need to understand a problem in order to solve it. 

Vision is indispensable to serious leadership. Those who think they can do without it and derided it, usually discover their error  too late. And that's why it's dangerous to endorse a leader. Because such leaders may not be prepared for serious leadership. Due to lack of vision or may be tempted to pursue another man's vision. Which portends grave consequences for the people.

Ebonyi people at a time like this must not overlook the power of vision to motivate your listeners. Vision provides the essential  " spark " that makes the difference between who are just going through the motions and people who are really trying to achieve something.

Vision appeals to their higher self , something above and beyond the mundane and the everyday. The ideal vision is elevating . A vision  presents an idealized view of what the future can be. It looks beyond the immediate future to what an organization or nation can be . It gives employees or citizens something to strive for. 

Vision becomes particularly important in of times crises. This is the reason Ebonyi people should and ought to support Engr Elias Mbam to emerge the next Governor of Ebonyi State come 2023.  It will pay us a lot. We look forward to your support.

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