2023; I Will Restore Lost Glory of Afikpo North/ South Federal Constituency If Elected -- Okenwa Uka

By Celestine Okeh

Frontline aspirant for Afikpo North/Afikpo South Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, Comrade Okenwa Nnachi Uka JP, have outlined his restoration agenda for the Federal Constituency, If given the mandate to represent them at Green chamber of the National Assembly.

Comrade Okenwa Nnachi Uka popularly called Senator by supporters and Associates, revealed this to journalist shortly, after his open declaration at his Nguzu Edda ward in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

While acknowledging the developmental strides of Governor David Umahi in the state particularly in Edda, said, he is going to National Assembly to attract Federal presence to the Constituency and to ensure whatever is due for constituency is given to them.

Comrade Okenwa  who is the former financial Secretary of APC in Ebonyi state and currently, a member governing Council, Federal polytechnic Bale, Taraba State, noted that his wealth and exposure has positioned him better for the job. 
He said, "I remains the best aspirant for Afikpo North/Afikpo South Federal Constituency, even other aspirants will vote for me. Considering the fact that this is what we share with Afikpo North local Government and Afikpo North has been there for the past fifteen years, by next year that will sixteen years. Before now, there's this understanding that, we will go eight years and they will go eight years, and it's going to be a rotation thing. There's every indication that the people of Afikpo South are people that supposed to go to the Federal House of Representatives. And I have checked myself from head to toe, considering my level of exposure, considering my level of participation in the party, considering my level of commitment to the party, considering my level of service to humanity and seeing that my people are not happy, they are being represented very well, our voices are not been heard, project are not well attracted to our place and I felt that I can fit in to close that gap and that is what has prompted to me to consult and decided to go ahead to contest to represent my people to make Edda people and Afikpo North people happy again. So, I'm the only person that has the credibility, capacity, political spread and wherewithal to retire the 'self-acclaimed Facebook Governor', Idu Igariwey, who has been there for fifteen years with nothing or nothing to show for it".

Continuing, Comrade Okenwa Nnachi Uka said, "the truth of the matter is that, when we talk about representation, it has to do with the people, it has to do with you first of all trying to identify the challenges, the problems of your people. If you're to speak for the people, you must have to speak their mind. I have looked at the nooks and crannies of Afikpo North and Afikpo South and I seen, there are a lot of opportunities that via legislation, we can bring good things to our people. Take for instance, in Afikpo North local Government Area, we have Uwanna beach for which, if a good Representative goes there, it should be a way to attract bridge that will cross that River and expand that place to even become a lucrative tourist site.

"We're also thinking of dry sea port, where we can as well provide a lot of employment opportunities for our teaming youths and if you come to my  place, Afikpo South, there are a lot of things that you can get from there but our problem is that, we have never had a good Representative that can look at those areas of advantage and hearness  them. 

"That's why I will forever be grateful to His Excellency, Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi, Executive Governor, Ebonyi state for finding time to do that Iyere bridge. I tell you the concept that the Governor has there, by the time he is through with that place, you will now see that people from far and near will come on site seeing and via there people can do their business and earn a living from there. So, I am going to the Green chamber specifically, to provide for Infrastructural improvement for our people, to provide employment opportunities for our people, to ensure whatsoever thing  that has to with our people via legislation at the national that we need to do, we will do them. There's nothing more important as peace,  We will also use the platform of our legislation to negotiate for peace and security of our people."

In the area of the cost of expression of interest and nomination form, Comrade Okenwa Uka said,  "you see, in the language of politics, what we know is that party is supreme. And for me, the wisdom of the party remains supreme, reason being that the good heads that met and benched this prices, even though for me as a person, I acknowledge the fact that it is outrageous, but in the business of party politics, you don't go against your party. You can make your inputs, like for me as a person, if there's a way the party can prone the price of this expression of interest and nomination form down, that will be fine, because when people pay more to lead, they end up getting in there and trying to recoup what they have expended and via that, you can now get into corruption. I align with my party hundred percent, but if there's any way they can reduce the price to allow more participation it will be good.

He expressed joy over the support he has received from the youths since his declaration, and called on his supporters to sustain the tempo. He urged them not to insult any of his opponents but ensure they carry out an issue based campaign.

"Am overwhelmed by the kind of support I have been getting from the youths since I declared to run. On their own they printed my posters, and on their own they are pasting it all over the place. My message to them is to say 'thank you',  they understand that I am them because, i am a youth like them and as well, I started like them from the cradle. And they know whatever opportunity God has given me, I have used it to impact positively on their lives and that is why I have been receiving this level of support both from the youths, the elderly, people are calling me and praying for me. My advice to them is to continue to support me. Don't insult anybody on my behalf. If you're campaigning for me, be issue based. Let them know that if I am elected to represent the people of Afikpo North and South at the Federal House of Representatives, they should know that they are the ones that are elected. I shall not take any decision without making reference to them. I shall ensure that I hold quarterly town hall meeting where we will all gather and articulate all, for which I shall go to Abuja and present. I shall say their minds. I shall say what they want me to say and I can tell you, in my first one year in office, I shall ensure at least 50 youths gets Federal employment", he concluded.

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