2023: DC Coordinator Urges Nigerians To Get Their PVCs Ready, Backs Umahi For President

Enyinna Omoke

Ahead of 2023 general elections in Nigeria, one of the APC  Chieftains in Ebonyi state, Comrade Uzor Tochukwu Okorie  has called on Nigerians who are of voting age and are yet to register to   get their PVCs ready as fast as possible in order to elect a credible leader that will restore the dignity and Glory of this country and therefore backs Umahi's Presidential ambition stating that for justice, equity and fairness to prevail, it is the turn of South East to Produce the next president of Nigeria and Umahi is ready to bring the needed transformation.

Comrade Uzor who disclosed this to newsmen in Abakaliki yesterday stated that one of the ways that will give us opportunity to  elect credible leaders in the next general elections in Nigeria is to get our PVCs in order not to be disenfranchised when the time comes saying that it is our right and obligation to vote and be voted for during the election as that is one of the key ways  that will help us make a positive change in the society.

He further stated that other geopolitical zones in Nigeria such as the North, South West and South South  has taken their own shares stating that it is only South East that is yet to take a shot at Presidency and therefore urged all the political gladiators to zone the position to South East because it is the right thing to do for the sake of peace, justice, equity and fairness.
The APC chieftain who doubles as the Cordinator of Anuagata Development Centre also explained that Nigeria at this particular point in time  needs a leader who has distinguished himself in every aspect of human endeavor to pilot the affairs of this country in order to meet up with the  developed world saying that the outstanding performance of Governor David Umahi in Ebonyi state in infrastructure,Education, Agriculture, Power supply,Business Development,security among others has placed him ahead of other candidates who are vying for presidency  adding that Ebonyi is one of the safest state in Nigeria which all pointed out that Umahi is the most qualified candidate to fit into the position knowing fully well the challenges of of this country and how to profer solution to it.

On the issue of governorship election in Ebonyi state come 2023,Comrade Uzor appealed to Ebonyians to support the endorsement of the speaker of Ebonyi state House of Assembly, Hon.Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru to take the state to the next level adding that Ebonyi wants a leader that will consolidate on the achievements of governor David Umahi who has transformed the state beyond our imagination.

``I have been following Umahi even before he became the governor of Ebonyi state.When we were campaigning for him to be the governor, people didn't actually know what we were talking about because they don't know his capacity as a person.Today,I am glad that the unimaginable transformations in Ebonyi state has distinguished him among others.

``I want to use this opportunity to urge Nigerians who are of voting age to get their PVCs ready in order to elect a leader who has the Interest of his people at heart like Umahi knowing fully well that Nigeria deserves nothing but the best.We need a  committed and dedicated leader that will stabilize and make this country great again.

``If you have been to  Ohaozara and other part of Ebonyi state before now, you will observe that all our roads are death trap, which made it very difficult to even use motorcycle to access some places.Today, by the grace of God, we can drive on a road well constructed with concrete pavement that linked so many villages and communities  without any obstruction on the way.

``Governor Umahi has actually transformed Ebonyi State beyond our imagination to compete favorably with other developed nations.
``Beyond road and other magnificent infrastructural facilities stationed in different parts of the the state, Umahi has performed well in other sectors such as Education, Agriculture,Human Capital Development, Power Supply,security of lives and properties amongst others.Infact, he has touched all facets of the society, and have performed beyond his campaign promises which has placed him ahead of other Presidential candidates in the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria and should be given massive support. 

``When you look at Ebonyi State now, it is the most  peaceful state in Nigeria when compared with the level of violence in other states.We are lucky to have a governor that cares about the security of lives and properties first before any other thing.

``My prayer is that he should be given a chance to replicate what he has done in Ebonyi state at the National level because you hardly get such a committed and dedicated Leader with passion elsewhere.

``He is outstanding in delivering Democracy dividends to the people without fear or favor.We are not surprised about the positive results we are seeing today in all parts of the state.

``The issue of Igbo Presidency shouldn't generate any controversy in Nigeria because other zones has taken their own share, it is the turn of South East to produce the next president in 2023 for the sake of Justice, equity and fairness.

``In Ebonyi State,I want to enjoin all Ebonyians to support whoever the governor has endorsed to succeed him in order to consolidate on his achievements across the state.The endorsement of the speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon.Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru as the next  governor of the state is a welcome development and should be given massive support to take Ebonyi to the next level. 

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