2023: My adminstration will focus on industrialization, others in Ebonyi

A Governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progresives Congress, APC, Ebonyi State, Dr. Nnana Elias Igwe, weekend, explained that if he emerges as Governor, his administration would focus on industrialization of Ebonyi State.

According to him, the initiative would pave way for massive creation of jobs and advancement of the economic development of the State.

Igwe, is gearing up to contest the position of the Governor of Ebonyi State in 2023.

He stated that Governor David Nweze Umahi has made notable impacts, especially in the area of infrastructure, human capital development, among others in the State.

The APC Chieftain stressed that the chievements of the Governor had already qualified him for the position of the President in next year's general election.

The Medical Consultant stated this in Abakaliki, during a Solidarity Rally organized in collaboration with the Students' Union Government, SUG, of Ebonyi State University, EBSU, to support good governance in the State.

According to him, youths of the State would be given priority attention, in order to redirect their minds away from crimes and unwholesome practices and give them the opportunity to become self reliant and self sufficient.

"Personally, if I should be given the opportunity to help in the social system of leadership of this State, I believe, we have to massively talk about the industrialization, the agricultural sector and the Health sector. I have been a medical doctor for some years now. Am a Consultant. Ebonyians need to eat. The only way you can eat is to develop the agricultural sector; help and develop viable and sustainable industries.

"The NIGERCEM has been there and the Governor has been doing his best to see to the reactivation of it. But, I believe that as far as we are coming in for the best, we will ensure that not just the Industries, the Agriculture, the Education sector, and most importantly the youths will be given priority attention, because most of them are unemployed."

He explained that his administration would promote peace and the unity of Ebonyi people by strengthening the traditional institutions, local and State security compositions and promote the language and culture of peace across every nooks and crannies of the State.

"The best way to promote peace is to resuciatate the traditional institutions. They should be able to create harmony among the people. The culture of Ebonyi people is peace. We love our brothers. If the traditional institutions are galvanized to understand that people need to have a social reorientation among themselves, I believe that all those minor conflicts that leads to major ones, that lead to the death of the people, we can be taken care of".

He further pointed out that the essence of the rally was to project and propagate the impact of the good governance agenda of the present administration in the State.

"The rally is in collaboration with the Students Union Government of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. The aim is to enhance, promote and develop more of the good governance tendencies that our dear Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi has been propagating.

"We see that he has been doing wonderfully well and there's every need for us to let people know more of those things he has been doing and to let people know that we truly, truly support him.

"And that's why we believe that the best avenue to do that is to use the youths and the best youths at this stage are the students who have been at the front front for the struggle of his administration.

"Our dear Governor has been at the fore front to ensuring that there's massive infrastructural development in Ebonyi State. He has been doing wonderfully well, both infrastructurally, socially, economically and otherwise.

"He who will not work, should not eat and the best way to work is to create an enabling environment for people to do that. One, peace and tranquility. If we have peace in our land, definitely the agricultural sector I talked about will be massively boosted.

"If we have accountability and good governance that necessitated this massive rally, definitely the leader should be able to create jobs. People need to retire when they are due to retire. And people need to be paid when they should be paid.

"If all those things are there, definitely, if you can work, if you can participate in the Agricultural sector, if you can build industries, develop new ones, definitely there will be no hunger in the land." Ends

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