Prophet Jeremiah Delivers Occultist Business Man In Ebonyi Market

The Prophet Jeremiah Okoye Of  City Of Grace Royal Assembly church has revealed how he delivered Occultist mogul business man in Ebonyi market who was buying human blood in the hospital to activate his evil altar for purpose of money ritual

According to the Prophet Jeremiah, the General Overseer of city of grace Royal Assembly church Abakaliki who disclosed this on Sunday Service,
 while preaching on the  message titled "Altars of Sacrifices". 

He said that  Occult altar was fighting one of the mogul business man in Ebonyi market who fails to  activate his occult altar with human blood sacrifice, adding that the evil altar start fighting against him by killing  every male  child whenever his wife give birth .

 " That is the reasons why the business man started looking for solution to his problem, he has gone different altars and many churches seeking for solution but not avail till someone directed he to my church and after confession, he was totally delivered".

However, Prophet Jeremiah used the testimony of the Business  man as case study to illustrates important of  Sacrifices in the altar of  God, explaining that altars is a meeting point where spirit of God or devils dwells.

Prophets further said that altar supersede altar
" There is altar you will belongs, you don't need to struggle to survive in life or facing problem"
" When you belong to God's altar, the altar of Occultist or witches will run away because God altar supersede others 

Prophet noted that God altars have rules and regulations that guild them, like wise the same way Occult alter operate in there kingdom.

"Altar is a holy place, that must not enter anyhow, you must be clean in truth and in spirit. " you can't connect to altar empty hand but with sacrifices because its only sacrifices that bring God's blessings to man not by words, its take blood to activate altar, In Exodus 20 Vs 24 and Psalms 50 Vs 5 " he said.

Meanwhile, Prophet advised Christians all over the world not to look upon their Bishop, pastors and Prophet whenever in the church but to look unto altar because God behind the alter, which through that altar  prayers will be answer.

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